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Camera supports are integral to getting solid steady images. The ideal position is for the camera to be at a point 30m back and at an angle of 30 degrees from the centre of the court.

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The camera should be offset by m to the left of centre, so the face of the net can be seen. It will generally require a scaffold platform, set-up separately from the VIP stands to avoid shaking.

This camera is used for some of the main coverage and is a main replay angle. Camera 2 The ideal position for camera two is offset to the right of the net, below camera one. However, it is often difficult to obtain this ideal position, so the always achievable position on the platform alongside camera one is acceptable.

This is used as a main close up camera, and for replay coverage during play. They should be used for close ups of players before and after points and provide coverage for replay purposes during play. They should also be used during time-outs with built-in microphones to show and hear the players on the bench.

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A cable assistant during the production operations is necessary to avoid any problems or disturbances. If possible these cameras should be of wireless operation to alleviate the need for cable or a camera assistant on the court area.

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Camera 5 The crane camera is considered by many to be the best and most dynamic camera for main coverage. It should be at least 6m in length, positioned at the end of the court not facing the sun, with a good operating area around its base.

It is essential an experienced crane camera operator is employed in order to optimize the use of the camera. This camera is absolutely crucial to provide good Beach Volleyball coverage and is recommended to be used as the main live camera during play for the majority of points.

Camera 6 The camera is on a tripod in the low end zone located on the opposite end from the crane camera. This camera is mainly used for reaction shots, players signals, set up shots before a service, and for replays. This should be a super slow motion SSM camera for all events.

Audio It is essential to capture the emotion of the audience during a game. This may require several microphones but it is worthy as it will give to the TV audience the possibility to experience from home what is happening at the venue.

It is also player conversations during the time outs and between sets. This is bets achieved by use of the directional microphones on the held camera s that should provide shoots of each team.

Ideally, a microphone should be also put towards the first referee to hear the official conversation with the players.

The sound levels of the public address system and music should be carefully controlled as they strongly affect the loudness of the international sound. Music and commentary should be played during court changes and time-outs only and never during rallies due to the intricacy to edit pictures at that time for the broadcaster.

Copyright problems may also occur if commercial music is heard as a background noise. Likewise, commentaries via the public address system on the international sound track should not be audible as they may conflict with the commentary.

Microphones should be strategically positioned to ensure the clearest and best possible audio signals featuring: As sufficient number of microphones should be used to capture these audio effects. Personnel microphones should be used on the referee and on the net. All placements must be discreet from all camera shots.

This commentary will be used on the live transmission by some international broadcasters, as a guide commentary by others, and will be required for the highlights programming. The guide commentary provides international broadcasters with a play-by-play account in English of the key action during a match.

International Broadcasters, can also record a commentary in their own language, using the English guide commentary as a basis.

A suitable commentary position for the Host Broadcast commentary must be supplied. It should be located on the same side of court as the main camera positions, be large enough for three people and have two commentary control units including two headsets the extra headset being for the possible use of a co-commentator and associated monitoring.

The HB must advise the commentator when the match is starting, when the director is going to cut to the city shots, throw to the Flash Interview and close the programme. Incidental music will be supplied by the FIVB TV Coordination Agency, cleared for worldwide transmission, which should be used with any full page graphics e.


TV graphics Matches should be produced with the FIVB-approved international graphics, and the footage must be free from any commercial graphic insertion. The minimum required graphics are the following: It would also be appreciated to have a minimum of statistic graphics.

Replays do not cut into live action of the game. Replays Another important point when producing the feed of a match is the replays. The use of a replay, in a quick moving sport such as Beach Volleyball, is vital to fully visualize the skill, speed and precision of the play.

Equally important is that no live action should be missed.

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  • Roi Et, one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand with a driving distance of kilometres from capital city Bangkok, was no stranger to hosting beach volleyball events as it had already hosted the Asian U21 Beach Volleyball Championships in All competition courts to be used in the Championships will install lighting, which has been adapted to lightning efficiency as necessarily required by the FIVB.

The use of replays in the Host Broadcast should be decided upon, keeping in mind the philosophy that the replay must add to the production coverage. Alternate angles of play and unseen reactions are key sources of replay.

In order to coordinate actions between the TV Director and the 1st Referee, the 1st Referee must be advised when a replay is being transmitted. This can be done in either of two ways: The Paddle System: The Floor Manager sits on the opposite side of the court to the 1st referee and using a Paddle, indicates to the referee when a replay is being broadcast - one side is Red, to indicate to the referee to stop play, and the other side Green to indicate to the referee to continue play.

Whichever system is used, this privilege should not be abused and is suggested that play should not be held by more than 6 times a set and then for not more than 7 seconds.

A clear understanding and cooperation is needed between the producer and 1st referee for this to work well. This means that the pre and post match sequence of footage, but also between the sets, must always follow the order set by this document so to allow all broadcasters taking the feed to know points where they can enter and exit the Host Broadcast.

For each match, the TV transmission will start on the hour and the first serve will start 5 minutes after the hour, just when the 10 minute Official Match Protocol ends.

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In case there is an "over-run", the following match will start as soon as possible after the end of the previous match. This "flash interview" should be organised during the end of match formalities and should not exceed one minute.

It should include a venue establishing shot, key match points, a selection of good points featuring both teams, and any celebrations and awards. No play must be missed and there is to be at least a 2 minute overlap on each tape, when changing tapes.

Once the FIVB has approved, the TV Coordination Agency will advise the promoter and the Host Broadcaster who the International Broadcasters rights holders for their tournament and specify the rights for each broadcaster.

The Host Broadcaster only needs to be provided with information pertaining to their event. It is the responsibility of the HB to facilitate and implement the approved International Broadcasters requests.

New Media makes it possible for anyone to create, modify, and share content, using simple tools that are often free or inexpensive. New Media requires a computer or mobile device with Internet access. The New Media possibilities allow freedom in a cost effective way to anyone to share their content with the world.

The main advantage using New Media to broadcast content is that with the TV the viewers tune in to watch the offered programmes at scheduled times, whereas the New Media channels, like Youtube, allows the viewer tuning in at any time, and watching the content they chose to watch.

In addition, New Media allows an interactive approach by receiving comments, and opinion of the audience, in exchange offering the audience to network and being part of a community interested in the same topics or matters.

Bottom line, New Media allows you to reach audience that is specifically interested in Beach Volleyball and Beach Volleyball events, and grow your audience thus growing the awareness of the sport worldwide.

In the below section, we will summarize the advantages in making YouTube your broadcast channel.

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