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Sunday, September 22, 2019 1:14:08 PM

Until now, no boat had managed to cover this stretch in less than 8 days. This new record logically follows the one they set between Cape Agulhas and Cape Leeuwin on Thursday evening.

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Thursday, October 17, PM Print article e-mail Soon time to share life on board the MACIF trimaran The search for performance is a key phase in offshore racing, because it is both the goal and the guideline.

For the Brest Atlantiques, knowing how to live together will be essential.

Chatin, IDEC Sport on Pole for 4H Red Bull Ring

The three crew members are about to live on board the MACIF trimaran in a damp enclosed space that is only a few metres squared. This summer, the three well-known men set about creating a common sailing environment.

The first of the two maxi tris challenging for the Jules Verna trophy crossed the starting ine of Ushant early this morning local Brest time.

This is true in all sports. We have the same energy.

IDEC Sport Jules Verne Trophy update: Into the Pacific

We all enjoy surf sports and we have similar lives. We like to talk about music, food, our adventures and we agree most of the time, which is really important.

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We are very flexible in the way we work, adapting to each other even when it comes to managing watches. We know what we need, so we work on feeling. I thought of a trio. The qualified engineer is also highly involved personally in sustainable development and the protection of resources, and he has managed to bring his skipper on board.

Low-tech has a direct connection with our relationship to nature and to the ned for changes to our way of life. We are going to try things, some of which will fail and some of which will be successful, but the MACIF trimaran will be a very interesting testing ground in motion.

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