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Overview[ edit ] The most important programming on a regional sports network RSN consists of live broadcasts of professional and collegiate sporting events, as those games generate an overwhelming percentage of an RSN's advertising income, in addition to viewership. During the rest of the day, these channels show other sports and recreation programming such as news programs covering local and national sports; magazine and discussion programs relating to a team or collegiate conference; fishing and hunting programs; and in-studio video simulcasts of sports radio programs ; rebroadcasts of sports events that aired as late as the day prior and paid programming may also be shown. These channels are often the source content for out-of-market sports packages. Regional sports networks are generally among the most expensive channels carried by cable television providers, due to the expense of rights to the local sports they carry; this higher subscriber fees received by television providers through retransmission consent carriage agreements coupled with percentages of other forms of revenue are used to pay local and regional teams for the right to broadcast their games.

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The link will take you to a landing page where you will find the following: Competitive Sections — There are 3 menus at the top that are universal to both the list and the map; 1. Activities, 2. Year, and 3. The Activities menu will allow you to see a list of all schools that are registered in that activity 2.

The school menu will allow you to see where that school is listed in the activity you have selected. You will see a list of all the activities that the school is registered for and what section they are in.

You can drill down even more if you want to look at a section or class in an activity be using the controls just underneath the drop-down menus.

Section Map — The same menus and control listed above are also available on the map. Select an activity first and make sure , is selected in the year menu.

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It will show on the map with all the locations of the schools in that section. The school you selected shows larger than others.

Note that the school locations have a number on them. This identifies the classification not the section. Section locations are hosted on the side of the maps.

The number indicates how many are in each section and is located above the number of the section 5. You can drill down even more if you want to look at a certain section in a class by using the controls below the menus at the top.

By selecting this you will see additional schools that are in a coop but not the Host School.

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You will also notice gray arrows starting with the host school and pointing to each additional school in the coop. A fellow who played on that team 59 years ago sat down next to me in the press box at U.

Bank Stadium on Saturday morning and said, "John, I might have a story for you. His Prep Bowl duty was working as a band host, which takes us to the story he recommended. He told me about the band from Hancock, which he helped direct to their seats before the Owls played Mountain Lake Area in the Nine-Man state championship game.

He told me that band director Jeanine Rupp was a very nice young person, and that several Hancock alums had arrived to play with the band.

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Jeanine confirmed this when we chatted during the game. That includes 16 football players. Jeanine, 24, said she reached out to alumni musicians. Jeanine and I sat in the second row near one of the end zones, chatting for a few minutes before the second half of the championship game resumed.

It was one of many unseen but important off-the-field moments during the Prep Bowl weekend. One of my favorite places at the stadium is the postgame interview room, the same one used by the Vikings.

After each game, coaches from both teams meet with the media. They talk about Xs and Os, for sure, but they also talk about their roles as coaches.

Caledonia coach Carl Fruechte was especially poignant after the Warriors captured their fifth consecutive Class 2A title.

One of his players, a young man named Isaiah, had been ejected late in the game and the coach was asked about a private discussion he had with Isaiah afterwards.

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We want to make a difference in their lives. And Isaiah is a great kid. He's a great, great kid. Sometimes I think as a society we're almost too hard on these guys.

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We are so proud of Isaiah. He's gone through a lot in his life. All his brothers will stick up with him, stick up for him. He's going to be a great human being and we're going to be really proud.

Again, I don't think kids play the sport just to play.

Want to know more about the stories you see here?

They want more out of the sport than just to win a football game or a basketball game, they want that relationship, they want to know that somebody's got their back, somebody they can trust in when the going gets tough.

I got a little emotional, and it's hard because you really care about these kids and love these kids as your own. That gave Herberg a career record of They want to be around each other.

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And it's just been an absolute pleasure. I'm so grateful for these guys. And it's not just on the field, it's off the field and their personal lives, as well. But if you're going to do something, you're going to make sure that you go all in, and you're going to go above and beyond what's asked of you, and credit to these guys for following that model.

They're going to be incredible men after they leave Rocori High School.

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The Wolverines were ranked No. And that's what we've been doing. I got a little nervous when we were down because it was just bad; we did some good things but it was just costly turnovers and whatever else happened, but it shows the grit in these guys.

He died two years ago and his classmates are now seniors. In a back-and-forth game that went down to the final moments, Pierz came away with a victory. That's a heck of a story and on their end they're hoping for the fairytale ending.

He was nothing but a class act, as well as many of the other kids, and it's really cool when you can see a high school football game do that. Teamwork, service to teammates and others, everyone pulling together and giving it their all while respecting the opponent and the game.

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