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The Wildcats connected on 50 percent or better from the field in five of six halves at the tournament, hitting on Three players scored in double figures led by Dean Wade's 17 points. Four players scored in double figures, including 21 from Wade and 19 from Barry Brown, Jr. Leading against Eastern Kentucky with before halftime, K-State used a run to take a lead into halftime. After the Colonels had closed to within with to play, the Wildcats rattled off a run to take a lead at the mark.

In this game Dunbar wins over Ida Baker One of those games was the Fox 4 game of the week where 3 and 1 Ida Baker went into Dunbar to face the Tigers! Dunbar with the ball here Daveon Palmer passes it on the screen to 8 who zooms upfield to the bulldogs 26!


They'll score later on the drive to make it six nothing. Ida Baker with the ball next 11 throws it to 4 who makes a nice cut upfield leaving two defenders in the dust but not for long Dunbar 51's able to make the tackle. Bulldogs were busting along until this.

Later in the drive 11 tries to get it to 6 but like a true Tiger Dunbar 5 pounces!

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He receives the pick easily making half of the baker players miss on the return. But Dunbar can't capitalize. They do here though Palmer let's one rip to Jarvis Jones who makes a one handed catch, makes a defender miss and is off to the races!

They're the 4th-ranked team in the associated press's top for our area, but they had a little trouble with the Lehigh Lightning.

Let's go to the second quarter, Naples up 7 to nothing. Lehigh trying to get on the board 5 he drops the high snap, but he makes something out of nothing here. Check this out he's going to pick up the oopsie there and just outrun nearly everyone!

He jets down the right-field sideline for a gain of Nearly getting to the end zone before the Eagles Devin Moore is able to push him out of bounds. Same drive It's Moore again with the big play!

Quarterback Brundy Durand tries to lob one up to the end zone, but "Moore" like an Eagle with some fresh prey gets the grab instead and some yards on top of that on the return!

South Fort Myers is trying to remain undefeated. They kept it close in the first half but the second half not so much.

Hilliard leads 'Nova to a No. 1 seed

They try some trickery here to try and get the lead going with the double pass, and it's complete! Fort Myers stiffens, and the Wolfpack can't score on the drive. Time for some green wave action 4th quarter they cap off a long drive with an end-around from junior Zemare Harvin, touchdown Fort Myers.

The Wolfpack want to answer so badly, but the Green Wave are Rollin man. Quarterback Ra'heem Gibson tries to throw the screen pass but its sniffed out intercepted by 'John Coleus,' and he takes it back for 6!

The Green Wave roll over the Wolfpack 35 to A packed home crowd came ready to root on their Panthers, and boy did they come to play. First-quarter, the Panthers already leading , quarterback C.

Shedd throws the quick screen pass to Kyrie Savoy. Savoy dances and Jukes shed a couple of tackles and raced down the field, scoring the touchdown to extend the Panther lead.

Women's Soccer Hosts Villanova for BIG EAST Home Opener

Next possession for the bull sharks, QB Xavier Estrada, overthrows the pass and gives right to a waiting Cedric Thomas for the interception.

The Panthers trying to score, go for the big pass to Austin Bryant. He spins a tackler off, but defender Francisco Garcia comes away with a strip and races the other way! Bonita gets a breather for a moment, but their offense couldn't continue the momentum.

Cypress again on offense, Shedd this time throws the slant to Joe Dedonato, who uses his extra blocker and runs way down the field for the long score.

Would that five-plus hour drive make a difference? Let's see. The fans got to love that, but they'd have to "Titan up" to take this win from a scrappy Conchs team. Key West on offense and they answer! Sophomore running back Preston Herce gets the touchdown run.

At the start of the game, Seahawks fumbled the kickoff.

  • Where Were You? When Lehigh beat Duke: The Lehigh community shares memories from that fateful day.
  • Its late-season success may have been a result of the high-major teams Lehigh battled in the beginning of the year. During the non-conference portion of their schedule, the Mountains Hawks ranked second in the entire country in RPI, which measures strength of schedule, as they tested themselves with competition like Final Four qualifier Syracuse University, No.
  • The Mountain Hawks' lone loss of the season, and only regular season defeat since last Jan.
  • Overview[ edit ] The most important programming on a regional sports network RSN consists of live broadcasts of professional and collegiate sporting events, as those games generate an overwhelming percentage of an RSN's advertising income, in addition to viewership.

Raiders recovered. Then number 4 Da'reous Bell ran it in for the touchdown within the first minute of the game getting an early lead. There were turnovers from both teams for most of the first half.

But then Raiders managed to put more points on the board. Number one Billy Donahue ran it in for a touchdown in the second quarter. Oasis Sharks off to a slow start against Lemon Bay High but pick things up scoring a touchdown with a minute left in the first quarter.

Then just before the half Sharks scored 14 points in under a minute and it was all thanks to this monster-- number 3 Daniel Rennie scored all three touchdowns in the first half two passing and one rushing.

Lehigh set to face No. 12 Kansas State on Saturday

Right here his brother, Tanner Rennie number 20 ran it in for a touchdown in the third quarter. Good game for the Rennie brothers. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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