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Sports Shorts For Men Do you think that wearing shorts is going to make you look boyish and less mature, and then you are wrong.

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Pairing that cool T-shirt with a comfortable pair of shorts is not just going to make you feel cooler and thus more comfortable all day, but will also make you look more stylish and attractive.

An active lifestyle is sure to involve long hours of play, sometimes in extreme weather conditions. The right kind of active wear is important to help you stay comfortable and dry throughout.

Opt for smart sports shorts made of special fabrics which prevent you from getting overheated in hot and humid weather conditions. These garments are built to withstand wear and tear which comes on regular basis. You can focus on your sport without any worries. LimeRoad brings you a wide array of sports shorts for men.

These shorts are tailored from superior material and a stitching quality which is impeccable.

Team up your shorts with suitable T-shirts or layered clothing options selected from our online platform. Shorts are those pieces of clothing that cover the upper parts of the leg.

Shorts may extend over knees but do not cover the entire leg. They are usually used in warm and hot climates.

They are worn most often when the wearer needs to be comfortable while carrying out any physical activity. There are many varieties of shorts. They can be used as sportswear or casuals.

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Some of the different types of men's shorts are baggies, boxers, gym shorts and beach shorts. Both amateur and professional sports teams use sports shorts as their uniform. Comfort Sports shorts allow for more flow of air and therefore, more comfort.

Sports shorts are usually made from lightweight materials. They are available in a variety of designs, depending on the use.

For example, beach shorts are loose and baggy for a laid back comfort, tennis shorts are shorter and lightweight to enable the user to run comfortably but shorts for cyclists are more close-fitting so it is easy to pedal. The different types of sports shorts based on the sport are aerobics, cycling, fitness, outdoor activities, running, volleyball and even walking.

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Many schools in our country use shorts as a uniform for the younger children as it is easier to trip and fall in long pants but not so for shorts.

Sports shorts for men are available in various sizes from small to XL and in variety of colours, designs, prints and patterns. The different fabrics the shorts are available in are cotton, cotton blend, lycra, nylon and polyester.

Sports Shorts for Men

This is to make the shorts light in weight so one can move freely and more quickly. Additionally, the shorts also come in button and zipper variants. The different fit variants are regular fit, relaxed fit and slim fit.

Sports shorts popularly come in plain pattern, printed pattern and striped pattern. The different waist closures are also available. Shorts come with double pocket as well as no pocket variants. For more fashion or style, the sports shorts come in different prints like abstract, over dyed, quotes and tie dye.

One stop destination for online shopping site in India only at LimeRoad. Shorts can make you look cool as long as they are chosen with care.

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The following are a few things that you need to consider when you go out to buy a new pair of shorts for men. Anything more than this will get too short. And, speaking of the fit, loose, baggy shorts for men are not for you if you have a larger build. Stick to a slim cut look that brings the fabric closer to your legs.

When Should You Avoid Shorts? Not to work, though the trend has been changing over the years with some companies becoming more liberal with the dressing sense of their employees.

Not to an elegant restaurant or candlelight dinner, shirts and ties are a better choice.

Men Sports Shorts

So where to wear them? Going on a picnic, a safari, an adventure? These are some of the outings where shorts for men paired with cool T-shirts are the best option. What To Wear With? Polo shirts can never go wrong with a pair of shorts for men, as long as there is no color mismatch.

Button down shirts with rolled up sleeves are another winning look to experiment with. Short sleeved shirts even look good. Untucked is always better than tucked. Don't Forget Your Footwear: - Socks and shoes are big no with shorts. Sandals are an option, although at the end of the day, nothing goes better than a pair of stylish boat shoes.

These brands feature unbeatable style infused with trendy designs from across the globe. Latest fabric technology ensures that you stay cool and comfortable while you play your game.

Here is a look at some of the kinds of sports shorts online at LimeRoad: Men's shorts for sports are available for specific physical activity. For instance, you can pick up a pair of tennis shorts with breathable mesh gussets for ventilation, and advanced cooling technology.

Wear with Polo T-shirts and tennis shoes. Ride your bike without any stress dressed in cycling shorts. The stretchable fabric of cycling shorts allows for a wide range of body movements.

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Choose cross-training shoes which would allow you to undertake multiple activities. And there are more varieties to choose from such as durable and trendy sports shorts for men in various patterns, prints, designs and colors.

We bring you the best price sports shorts online.

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