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Tuesday, October 8, 2019 10:50:06 PM

For many teams, the first-team offense and defense will play at least a half of football in the most exciting week of the exhibition slate. This week is the closest thing to regular season football fans will see in August.

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  • Saturday, Aug 17, PM Copied! Bank Stadium.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers, 7 p.
  • But before we get there, there's still the final slate of preseason games on the horizon. Week 4 of the preseason is filled with games that feature compelling position battles as teams will begin cutting their rosters down to the mandatory man limit shortly after the final exhibition games are played.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers, 7 p. There is a lot of hype surrounding the year-old, who was selected by Arizona with the No.

Can Meyers Continue To Produce? Yet, despite that obvious shine, Meyers was forced to play the entirety of the game last week in Tennessee, to the point where he was actually re-inserted into the game after suffering some sort of minor injury.

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It makes you wonder — at least a little bit — where exactly Meyers stands. In that regard, Meyers could take some titanic steps forward in his quest to make the man roster by showing that he can continue to produce when Tom Brady is under center.

The opportunities may be limited, but if Brady ends up quarterbacking between four and six drives on Thursday night, it should provide a window for Meyers to prove that he can apply his practice-field chemistry with Brady in a game situation.

Meyers has accepted and thrived with every challenge sent his way this summer.

How to Stream NFL Games Live

Thursday night with Brady could be the final exam. There appears to be a firm bubble battle taking place between Maurice Harris and Phillip Dorsett, so this may be an oportunity for those two wideouts to impress Brady by doing the only two things Brady cares about: being in the right place and catching the football.

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Braxton Berrios, if given snaps, could state his case as an NFL receiver, too. A mostly stifling defensive unit. For the Patriots, deployment will be the most interesting part.

Not publicly. Now, he threw two passes last week that could have and should have?

How to Watch NFL Preseason Games Live Online in

And make no mistake: Trading away a backup quarterback and getting an asset in return is the type of thing that would make Belichick smile wide. Probably not a few months, though. The question the Patriots will have to answer in the coming weeks is whether Stidham can do a comparable job in the same situation, in which case Hoyer may be playing himself onto another roster this summer.

It begins with Patriots All-Access at 7 p. Stay tuned after the game for Patriots Fifth Quarter for all reaction, analysis and postgame press conferences.

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