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Sunday, January 19, 2020 5:46:33 AM

The rematch will arguably be the fight of the year, and it's one that has been anticipated for quite some time considering the short but intense history between the two fighters. Floyd Mayweather made a solid attempt to steal some of the headlines away from Canelo and Oscar De La Hoya early Saturday morning by announcing he was going to make a rematch against Manny Pacquiao, but Alvarez and Golovkin squaring off in Las Vegas is expected to be the best matchup of and one that is still dominating headlines on Saturday.

Canelo vs Fielding: Live stream, undercard, odds & preview

The pair started slowly with Jacobs jabbing and Alvarez aiming at the body. Advertisement Jacobs kept searching for answers, and instead absorbed damage to the body and scoring jabs, failing to find the evasive Alvarez.

In the sixth, Jacobs relished a sliver of success by turning to a left-handed stance, landing a clean combination. His success continued into the seventh by landing a hard power punch to the head and delivering a combination with Alvarez backed to the ropes. The action heightened in the eighth when Alvarez escaped the ropes from Jacobs pressure, and Jacobs urged him to fight, receiving an unwanted response of four straight Alvarez punches to the head.

Jacobs surged back in the ninth by clocking Alvarez with consecutive left hands to the head, and after Alvarez took a breather, Jacobs maintained the activity into the 10th. But Alvarez shifted into a defiant mode, and belted Jacobs with the defining late flurries and blows to satisfy his vocal fan base who gathered for, and celebrated, Cinco de Mayo.

Decision: Two judges had it and the third for Canelo Alvarez Twelfth round: Wild hook by Jacobs and he slips and falls. No knockout. REf asks for a towel to dry up a wet spot. Good right by Canelo and you can tell both fighters are going to leave it out there.

Canelo lands a good left. Nice exchange in the middle of the ring. Canelo wins a close round. This is going to be close.

LA Times Card: Canelo Neither fighter looks tired at this point. Good exchange near the corner for both fighters. Very close round so far. Jacobs works the body and pushed Canelo back into the corner. Jacobs is unleashing all his power at this point and Canelo is still making him miss.

Jacobs takes another close one. LA Times Card: Jacobs Good work here by Jacobs. This is looking like another close decision for the judges. Crowd is trying to urge Canelo on and he lands a good shot to the body. Jacobs again throwing combinations and forcing Canelo back on the ropes.

Jacobs is looking strong and Canelo is showing the first sides of tiring. Another good one for Jacobs.

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LA Times Card: Jacobs. Canelo showed a real chin there. Jacobs peppering Canelo with jabs and this may be the clearest round for Jacobs. Fight is tightening up. Jacobs looks to be a bit more of the aggressor this round.

He backs Canelo into the ropes, but he evades and they exchange blows.

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Best action of the fight so far and the crowd is on the feet. Jacobs is covering up and Canelo keeps landing blows. Round to Jacobs. Advertisement Seventh round: Best combination of the fight so far and Canelo wobbles Jacobs a bit. Canelo may be imposing himself at this point.

Four punches by Canelo push Jacobs back onto the ropes. Best round so far by Canelo.

GGG vs Canelo 2: Canelo Alvarez wins narrow victory over Gennady Golovkin

Canelo unhappy that Jacobs is grabbing him behind his head. Jacobs responds and puts Canelo onto the ropes. Best round of the fight so far. A nice left by Canelo near the end of the round and he did just enough at the start of the round to take another one.

Nice exchange in the middle of the ring, but the main result was two Jacobs misses on wild uppercuts. Nice combination by Canelo rocks Jacobs a bit. This might be the clearest round for Canelo. Nice left by Canelo halts Jacobs a bit, but Jacobs keeps moving forward with his jab.

Two nice lefts by Canelo in a very close round.

Watch Cotto v Canelo Live on UK TV Saturday at midnight

This one can go either way. Fourth Round: Left by Canelo to start the round snaps Jacobs head back. With Canelo crouching down, Jacobs height advantage is evident.

Jacobs missed four straight punches and Canelo shows off his defense. Close round but Canelo takes it again. Third Round: Canelo looks to be more of the aggressor in the third and is stalking Jacobs around the ring. Canelo gets the crowd up with a combination while Jacobs was on the ropes.

Nice combination by Jacobs in the middle of the ring silences the crowd. Canelo is working the body more and that will come into play in the later rounds. Jacobs responds and this is the best action of the fight so far. Really even fight.

  • A rundown of the list of opponents who have faced both Miguel Cotto and Saul Alvarez is littered with men who had their opportunity, and on the biggest stage of their careers, failed. Miguel Cotto is the rare fighter who has risen from the canvas to have a second and third chance.
  • Miguel Cotto vs. With both men better-suited for the junior middleweight division, this fight will be held at pounds, despite it being for the linear middleweight title.
  • However, in the latter rounds, Canelo's youth 25 to 35 and reach 5'9" with The title will only be on the line for Canelo.
  • Fight Preview There's a reason Canelo Alverez is heavy favorite for this fight. The Mexican should be too classy for Fielding despite his world champion status.
  • ET Much of the intrigue at the very top of any good weight class in boxing is centered around matchups.
  • Canelo vs.

LA Times Card: Canelo. Second Round: Jacobs looks quick early in the second and is throwing more than Canelo.

An uppercut to the body by Canelo by still very little action. Right before the one minute mark, both fighters exchanged combination.

Good work by Canelo near the end of the round.

First Round: Tentative first minute of the fight with both fighters just measuring themselves. Hardly a punch thrown in the first minute. Some boos intermixed with cheers of Canelo by the fans in T-Mobile. Nice right to the body by Canelo brings the first ovation from the fans. Canelo may win this round based on that one punch since there is very little action.

Jacobs throwing his jab to little effect. Jacobs throws a combination to the body that grazes Canelo. Jacobs might have closed with enough activity to get that round.

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