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Miller on April 28, For over 30 years, The Waterboys have been a band in flux, constantly exploring new sonic territory across the globe and mixing different styles to create their own unique sound. Besides the constant presence of sole original member Mike Scott, the band has featured a rotating cast of musicians, some coming from locations like Scotland, Ireland and England. With The Waterboys, Scott has dabbled in local styles like folk and Celtic music. The band he assembled and who will be touring with him through May 24includes famed bassist David Hood from nearby Muscle Shoals. Why did you name the album Modern Blues?

The Kirk Minihane Show

What better way to do that then by using the great writing minds of Hollywood? I'm not saying that Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin can't give great motivational speeches. I'm just saying that they can't say it quite like coach Herman Boone can after saying the same line 20 times before getting it absolutely perfect.

We all have our favorite movies about football, and we all have our favorite quotes from those movies. Whether they may make you laugh or cry, scream in anger or jump for joy, here are the 38 best quotes in football movie history.

Radio: I wan' both! That a boy Radio.

Was Farmer Fran speaking real cajun french in the Waterboy?

Way to get what you want. Come on, Coach Bryant—Forrest can't help the fact that he might not be as far ahead mentally as the rest of us.

farmer fran we live to fight another day

It's called the Sergeant York. Do you think this is what NFL coaches name their plays today? It sure would make things a lot easier. Quarterbacks can get away with anything.

Damn you, quarterbacks.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3

I don't think Steve Emtman was much of a mathematician. Had anyone other than Rob Schneider had this line, it wouldn't have worked. It certainly wouldn't have worked numerous times in the same movie. The Program: Opening a Can 7 of 38 Alvin Mack: Let's open up a can of kick ass and kill 'em all, let the paramedics sort 'em out.

I like the idea of opening the can of kick ass, but killing them might be a little extreme. Jordan: The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong.

Give me like 10 minutes to figure out what Mr. Jordan is saying, and then I can explain it to you. I think I'll be right, but I could be wrong.

Brian Riley is going to USC! Brian: All I have to do is maintain my fantastic 2. Even back in the standards for getting into USC were pretty low.

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Things haven't changed much in the last 20 years. I agree that protecting the quarterback is important, but is it really the most important thing? That might be taking it a little far.

One might say you are a little too into yourself, Mr. That touchdown got me through 30 years at that factory.

The Waterboys’ American _Blues_

Got me through all those times your mother being sick. When I told you not to get your hopes up This is the type of speech I always wanted to get from my dad. I guess that is why I never turned out to be a professional athlete.

Hawkins Jr. It can look like a dying duck as long as it goes through the goal. When it's put like that, anyone should be able to be a kicker in the NFL. This is why you never try to line up under the wrong player to snap the football.

It is just asking for an awkward moment. Listen up. There are some who will say that your accomplishments today will soon be forgotten, that you're not real players, that this isn't a real team.

Because as of today, you're all professional football players. You're being paid to play, and I want to you to remember that, because the men whose places you've taken forgot that a long time ago. Let's bring it in.

Let's play some football. This is exactly what I would say to replacement players. You see, with replacement players, you have to make them believe they are actually really good.

That is quite the statement to send your kid off to college with. If I was Michael Oher, I probably wouldn't leave my dorm room for fear of my manly parts.

I don't think the guards know this formation. It's called "incidental punishment after the ball is blown dead. Now this is the type of football that I love to watch. Personally, I believe that elbowing, kneeing and kicking in the mouth should be allowed. That's it!

Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is a man! He is now a woman. You got anger, that's good you're gonna need it, you got aggression that's even better you're gonna need that, too.

But any little two year old child can throw a fit! Football is about controlling that anger, harnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection!

Coach Boone was always talking about perfection, and now we know that if we control our anger and harness our aggression, we can achieve perfection.

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