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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 4:20:14 AM

Love is. But, after realizing that Edmund may be one of the biggest Christmas scrooges ever, Leslie makes it her duty to change that, as she does everything in her power to make this Christmas at the Chesterton Hotel a one to remember… for everybody and for Edmund.

Brely Evans + Andra Fuller star in TV One’s ‘You Can’t Fight Christmas’ (VIDEO)

Both movies are set at the fictional Chesterton Hotel. The pair celebrated a fairytale Christmas wedding three years ago and seemed to have it all.

Yet, now their marriage is on the rocks. When Franklin comes home at dawn after a night of partying with colleagues, Regina thinks he has cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend.

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Though Franklin denies it, the trust has been broken. The couple separates and the divorce is set to be finalized on their three-year anniversary.

To cheer her up, the sneaker empire heiress drags Regina off to her place, a luxurious suite at The Chesterton. Franklin still loves Regina and wants to reconcile. Fortunately, there may be a happy ending after all.

The story begins with the annual holiday decorating of the Chesterton Hotel by interior design expert Leslie Major Evans. Soon she discovers that Edmund and his uptight business partner, Millicent White , have secret plans.

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They intend to completely revamp the hotel into an upscale business resort once Edmund inherits it from his grandfather. Scheming Millicent also has plans for Edmund that involve a wedding ring.

Is he ready to take their partnership to the next level? Can Leslie save the hotel and its Christmas legacy? Will Edmund find his Christmas spirit?

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

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