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The total, however, will fall short of Mayweather's recent pay-per-view events. That's going to be determined by the reporting [from cable systems] that will come in over the next few weeks. The pay-per-view sales for the fight with Guerrero will not approach the 1. In Mayweather's fights before Cotto, he generated 1.

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The particular forthcoming Mayweather as opposed to Guerrero fit clears an additional page with the boxing occupation with the two boxing warriors where they will combat for the WBC Welterweight Belt. Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero is usually a four-division winner along with has become requesting a new complement from the undefeated poung-for-pound king Floyd "The Money" Mayweather Junior and so they match inside ring with Might 4, for the MGM Awesome inside Las vegas.

This always seems to happen to me. I suppose there are two possibilities: One, they are simply projecting whatever racist thoughts they have about me onto another group and projecting the whole ugly thing into the backseats of their cabs.

I shrugged and stared out the window. Only from up close do you see the sick organization in all that lit chaos. The cab driver dropped me off in front of the MGM Grand.

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  • And he needs to keep winning. Mayweather's training camp for his 44th fight was the longest he had ever undertaken.
  • That's no surprise.
  • Comments Comment Bubble Icon You never want to be the person at work or around friends that does not know what everyone else is talking about. This is why you have to make an effort to watch the replay of Floyd Mayweather against Robert Guerrero.

I considered stiffing him on the tip, but the rules of etiquette won out, as they almost always do. For the next hour, I rehearsed in my head what I should have said to the cab driver. This is old habit. A black couple sat down at a nearby table and the sunburned man clammed up.

Robert Guerrero vs Floyd Mayweather fight video

Then, of course, he changed the subject. Nearly everyone I talked to about the fight predicted a snoozer. The next seven or eight or nine rounds would be an exercise in ritual humiliation.

Like the rest of the audience at the MGM, I felt thrilled at having watched a close, competitive fight. It made me wonder if Floyd might simply be too good for the rest of boxing and if the sport actually benefits from having such an unbeatable, peerless champion.

This is admittedly a good story, and like all great stories it can be replicated over and over. Fans start to gripe about handpicked opponents and boring fights. Alarmists declare the sport dead. Only in boxing is a champion considered greater for losing and then coming back to win a title than for simply never losing in the first place — the downward swing and the redemption reminds the fans of the young man they fell in love with.

Variations of this redemption happen in other sports, but a champion who loses his title faces a specific type of humiliation that might not befall athletes in team sports. Klitschko stayed a stranger, as he has for most of his year stay at the top of the heavyweight division.

After a close first two rounds, Floyd did exactly what everyone expected him to do: He figured out Robert Guerrero and put him through 30 minutes of eye-popping, yet reserved, dominance.

I am speaking here as someone interested in the business of boxing and its constant search for a crossover star. Floyd Mayweather is a boxing genius.

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This cannot be disputed. But people do not buy pay-per-view fights to watch a chess master dominate a high school champion. How many times can we watch the master work on his own terms?

When will we start asking for blood?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Robert Guerrero

In the past, Floyd has counteracted his lack of ring vulnerability and knockout power with a heavy serving of self-promotion. But how long is the life span of the sports antihero?

How do you reintroduce someone who has already been introduced in countless fight-hype shows? Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest technical fighters of all time and one of the most brilliant athletes of his era. Everything about a Mayweather production is meticulous and bordering on perfection.

Saturday night was no different, and if Showtime and Golden Boy Productions can be criticized for a lack of creativity in matchmaking and promotion, they should be commended for putting on a beautiful show.

And Floyd himself showed up in a condition that would put a year-old fighter to shame.

Boxing live blog mayweather vs guerrero live

Robert Guerrero, on the other hand, was sheriff of his very own shit show. Surrounded by a massive posse in his corner, Guerrero looked grim and slightly unfocused.

His father and trainer, Ruben Guerrero, pranced around the ring, soaking in the moment. In the week leading up to the fight, Ruben Guerrero had diverted much of the attention away from his son by challenging Floyd Mayweather Sr. Guerrero is your standard-issue evangelical Christian athlete who starts off every interview by thanking God and giving him all the glory.

When the opening bell rang, the deep, rational thinker met the evangelical in the center of the ring. The first two rounds were close — I ended up giving both to Guerrero, mostly because I thought he did some decent work in the clinches.

With growing reluctance, Guerrero would keep inching forward until he got Floyd near the ropes, at which point Floyd would calmly duck and spin back toward the center of the ring.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

That same sequence played itself out over and over again. And because Guerrero never adjusted, Floyd never did either.

There comes a time in every technical domination that you wish the winning fighter would just open up and drop the chump so you can go home and say you watched a good fight. On Saturday night, this moment came as early as the sixth round. The rest of the fight brought a few more moments of brilliance from Floyd, but it also proved frustrating to all but the most ardent fight fans.

The fact that everyone on press row could so clearly hear the displeasure of what sounded like a teenage boy should tell you all you need to know about the lack of crowd noise Saturday night.

After ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. No conspiracy theories, no rehashes of powerful punches, no speculation about future fights. In the tunnels leading out of the arena, I plodded toward the exit alongside an older media-mogul type and a stunning woman in a dress that looked like it had been sewn together with feathers from an oil spill.

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