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Sunday, October 27, 2019 6:47:20 AM

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Having played and watched football all my life I find it infuriating that the camera zooms into the players feet the last 20 yards when he receives the ball on the wing.

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You can't see players arriving in the box. Once the camera zooms back out you are out of sink with the play.

Too Mitch time is taken showing or relive the replays and when it gets back to the game the goal kick has been taken and you miss live play. It's getting like American football coverage.

We know who the managers are we don't need to see them every two minutes.

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The second half starts and then you decide to put the teams across the screen. If there has been a substitution we will see it.

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Really is frustrating enough to cancel subscription and just watch match of the day. For example I follow the racing news and have to scroll down all the way to the bottom to view this.

PremPlus launched on 18 August , showing 40 pay-per-view Premier League matches.

Yet formula 1 news which I have no interest in is a second option. As I say a small adjustment that could give the app a more personal feel to it would be great.

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Secondly there is now a giant great black banner on the videos when you watch them in landscape orientation iPhone 8 which takes up close to quarter of the screen so obscures plenty of the picture in Football replays.

If they can sort out these issues, particularly the second one, it will be a great app once more.

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