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Manga This series made me who I am today That title isn't even that much of an exaggeration. From the beginning, Naruto is a very unique take on the ninja world. As the story progresses the capabilities and powers of shinobi are greatly expanded upon while still leaving enough room for fans to theorize and make their own headcanons which is almost always unintentional but nonetheless fun. While many critics of this series say that the story could have definitely ended at the Zabuza arc and that the Chunin exams were an attempt to extend an already decent story, I submit that I probably wouldn't have given the series that much attention had that been the case. The only reason I got interested in it was because I stumbled upon an episode of the Preliminary Chunin exams and was captured by the ninjas flip-flopping all over with their cool techniques.

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7 Reasons Naruto Might Be Better Than DBZ

Son leaves him a gift before being resealed into the Gedo Statue. Kurama offers to lend Naruto more of its power, and is annoyed that Naruto thanks it for the earlier help against Madara.

Naruto acknowledges Kurama as a comrade from the Hidden Leaf, opening the gates restricting it.

Parents say Well, watching anime is one way, and the boys of BTS just went to war over their favorite series.
Soooo.... Naruto or DBZ? While the Hidden Leaf Village may seem finally at peace, it took many long years for Naruto to make the ninja world united.

Newly empowered, Naruto deflects five Tailed Beast Balls fired against Guy and Kakashi, changes into a full tailed beast form, and begins attacking the tailed beasts, having created a clone to locate their chakra receivers. The five tailed beasts make a collaborative Tailed Beast Ball, which Naruto matches with one of his own, sending the attacks into the sky.

He sends clones through Kurama's chakra arms to remove the chakra receivers.

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The tailed beasts each gift Naruto with a bit of their chakra, and Kurama recalls their last moments with the Sage of the Six Paths long ago. As Naruto removes the chakra receivers, Kurama asks the others if they agree that Naruto is the one the Sage spoke of, to which they agree.

Naruto's tailed beast transformation ends, and Tobi reseals the other tailed beasts into the statue again, noting that nothing about Naruto's predicament has changed. Naruto denies this, explaining he learned many difficult names.

  • Be advised: some of these episodes can get pretty weird. That wasn't helped by the fact that he lacked emotional depth.
  • Hinata vs Neji was emotional and actually a little entertaining. Now this entry is not on the list so much for the fight itself, even though it is cool to watch.
  • Featured in collections. The series is also expected to skip at least two weeks for the much-awaited hour-long episode.
  • So what I say here, for example "I hated this fight" is not my official feeling. It's just the anger talking.
  • Eh, there are different reasons for each person, but the main reason for many is the fandom.
  • The anime spent a decade releasing new episodes. During that decade, more than episodes of television were produced.

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