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Magee, a mother of six and grandmother of 13, is about her business tonight. LeBron is not in the building — his Cavaliers are headed to Detroit this January night to beat the Pistons — yet his presence looms large. Arena-sized cutouts of his face lean against chairs on a stage.

Riley Curry teaches Jeremy Lin how to do the Whip/Nae Nae

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, the teen got involved in music after joining a group in eighth grade.

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From there, he eventually began performing at school events and birthday parties. Devoting his time to music, he spent endless hours at the studio- and his hard work eventually paid off.

In early , Silento received a breakthrough with the hit song, which ended up garnering over 2. Shortly afterwards, the aspiring artist was offered a record deal with Capitol Records; the label later re-released the song as his debut single. Since then, Silento has continued to impress fans with his beats.

Watch Me Whip Watch Me Nae Nae

A multi-platinum selling artist, he eventually dropped his second single, Get Em in Where did the bulk of this amount come from? Aside from what he makes from record sales, does he have any other money-making endeavours that we should know about?

As a teen, he had another passion- basketball. For many years, he spent what seemed like endless hours at the court. According to one interview, that was when he started to feel reluctant about heading to basketball practice.

Instead, Silento had gotten involved with a music group at the time. From there, he started to pen his own lyrics, and beats. Before long, he was performing at school events, and birthday parties in the neighbourhood.

In early , he independently released a song that he had recorded earlier titled, Watch Me.

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Inspired by the wave of dance videos in reference to the nae nae, whip dance, and stank leg, the single was nothing short of a smash hit. Produced by Bola de Producer, it quickly gained more than 2. As of July , it has been viewed over Before long, millions of people around the world were dancing to his song on social media.

With his rise to fame, Silento was eventually offered a music deal with the Los Angles-based recording label, Capitol Records. Soon afterward it was re-released through the imprint, along with an accompanying music video. Supported by its initial popularity, the single reached number three on the Billboard Hot , where it ultimately stayed for six non-consecutive weeks; in total, it had remained within the top ten for eighteen weeks.

To date, its music video has surpassed 1. Following his breakthrough success, Silento dropped his second single titled, Get Em in March 18 Besides his solo efforts, the Atlanta rapper has been featured in several works over the past couple of years.

In , he teamed up with Sunny for the song, Lightning in a Bottle, after which he worked with Dawn on the hit dance track, Dessert. A rising artist with millions of fans worldwide, the year-old has performed on stage numerous times since his debut in Just last year, he went on a concert tour during which he entertained crowds at numerous cities across the globe, from Washington D.

Silento Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) PARODY

Back in the year of his debut, he had also performed over a dozen dates in the United States. As far as recent shows go, Silento performed three dates so far in in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Obviously, most of his income comes from his rap career.

But does he have any other streams of revenue? The answer is- yes. On Youtube, Silento has amassed over K subscribers on his channel, since it was first created in January ; in total, he has received more than 88 million lifetime views.

The ball of SPALDING basketball in the clip Watch Me Silento

How much has Silento earned from his Youtube Channel? Not too shabby for some passive income on the side. Besides that however, he has a few other things going for him that help to supplement his income; these include his Youtube accounts, and concert shows.

Young rapper Silento’s viral video has children and adults dancing to his tune

No, the year-old rapper is not married- at least not from what we know. Does Silento have Any Children? Did Silento Go to College? No, from what we can gather, Silento did not go to college- he has poured everything that he has onto his rapping career which he first started as a teen.

Where Does Silento Live? Not only did it peak at number three on the US Billboard Top , but it has since gone platinum five times! Song of the Summer , a Billboard Music Award e.

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