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Monday, December 16, 2019 12:23:35 AM

We are live here in Toronto where tonight, in one of the most historic evenings in the history of mixed martial arts, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre defends his title against Jake Shields in front of a North American record-breaking crowd at the Rogers Centre. ET and two additional fights live on Spike TV at 8 p.

The first fight took place close to pm. It was a good fight which allowed the crowd to start roaring and of course the loudest ovation was for the octagon girls. There were a couple of fights leading up to the pm preliminary fights which would be broadcasted on Spike and Sportsnet.

There was one fight in particular that got the crowd up and going nuts.

It was a stunning spinning back fist to the face which landed a massive knockout. Now we thought it would be the KO of the night but there was another great KO that night that I will discuss a little later, which won the fight of the night.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields, UFC

I mean you know in Toronto you can sell out 70, tickets if they could fit that amount so how can you deny all those fans and only go for 21, I think the UFC did the right thing and maybe after another events they can make the switch and see if the experience really is better in a closed environment like the ACC.

Everyone had the same idea as me unfortunately by going to the washroom and getting some food before the main fights started. The first fight was not the greatest, it saw Canadian own Sean Pierson get knocked out.

The second fight was one of the best fights of the night. Rory Macdonald vs Nate Diaz. The crowd was going nuts! FU Diaz chants, Rory pushing the pace and what was probably 30, at that point going insane. Rory at one point managed to pick up Diaz 3 times and drop his on his head like a WWE style suplex.

It was a tremendous fight and I saw it in Vancouver when Rory had his first UFC fight, the crowd loves him and he will be Champion some day. So far it was a great event and the main card did not even start yet. The crowd embraced Randy as if he was Canadian, he is a hero and the crowd loved him.

It was a good fight but Randy ended up getting knocked out with a stunning heel kick to the face from Machida. Soon as Randy got up he acknowledged the crowd which was pretty funny, and 55, people got up and gave him a deafening standing ovation.

A great career over but he went out with the largest MMA crowd ever giving him a standing ovation so I am proud that I could say I saw his last fight. The first rounds was all Aldo. Showing his skills and why he is Champion.

It was gruesome and looked like we was some sort of alien with his forehead coming out another 5 inches. After the 4th round the doctor check out Mark to see if he could continue and Mark said yes let me fight.

Watch UFC GSP vs. Shields Live Streaming

The crowd falling in love with this guy and his heart and dedication he was showing. Than in the 5th the unthinkable happened, Mark got on top of Aldo and ground and pounded for the whole 5th round.

Just laying rights and lefts and just feeling the energy of the crowd, everyone on their feet yelling and screaming the loudest I have ever heard a crowd, punching along with mark were some of the fans everyone thinking maybe, just maybe he can get a KO and win the belt.

The bell rang and that was it, these two left it all in the octagon and made this fight one to remember. Also won the decision but Homnick left the match with a whole lot more fans.

What a fight, and if you get a chance you should google what Mark had to fight with, which looked like a tennis ball coming out of his forehead. Great energy fed the stadium and everyone was ready for the main event. The sad part was it did not deliver.

The crowd so badly wanted to go crazy and chant GSP! Sure there were times that it happened but nothing like if the fight would have been a great one. Many left disappointed, GSP had a problem out of one eye and I think that is why the fight was not as good as it could have been.

I think the blame should be on Shields too because it is not like he did anything to push the pace or bring the fight to GSP.


GSP is an athlete, someone who wins with strategy, he will not get you up off your feet with a KO or submission but he will outwork you 3 or 5 rounds and win. He is smart and really if you can keep winning that is all that matters.

UFC was good, it had a lot of great fights and no it was not the best card ever but it ended up being worth the money and one of the better cards.

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