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The two interviews Ae Ra applied for take place at the same day and time, which makes her fall in a dilemma. My Huckleberry Friends. I look forward to it every episode if I' m being honest lmao. Watch drama online in high quality. Determined and driven, Dong Man focuses on his training with the.

Fight for My Way

Despite bits of heightened drama, Show manages to feel organic and relatable pretty much all the way through. Homey and heady, at the same time, in the best way. I just never really managed to get into it, even though I faithfully watched it from beginning to end.

A romance with Answer Me vibes? Yes please, and thank you.

Here’s why ‘Fight for My Way’ achieved incredible ratings

I imagine so many of us have felt like that at some point in our lives. I love that through it all, the characters in this drama world deal with love, loss and everything in-between, in very relatable, everyday ways.

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Beneath the gruff exterior, we see that Dad cares about Dong Man a whole lot, and that Dong Man returns the sentiment. Such an ordinary-looking gesture, but one that said so much about the heart behind it.

He sees things in black and white, and is therefore bewildered by any grays in-between. So basically, kinda like an overgrown, very large toddler, who happens to also be very buff, and whose body seems to be very.. Park Seo Joon does a fantastic job bringing the adorably dim, earnest Dong Man to life, and I found myself becoming very fond of him very quickly.

With Dong Man, I never felt like I had to piece together what he was thinking. I loved the moment in episode 4 when Dong Man puts Tak Su Kim Gun Woo in his place, and then quits the job he hates, to pursue his fighting dreams.

He just wants to share his highs with her, and simply goes for it. Gotta love that. AND, I love even more, how he expresses it to Ae Ra, literally shouting his love for her at the top of his lungs.

Major props to Park Seo Joon for delivering those moments in such detailed, painful, hilarious glory. Like the time in episode 9, when Ae Ra touched his ear.

The way he pulls Ae Ra down into a lying down position in episode 14, with just one tug of her legs, and then leans over her, is so sexy, and so manly.

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Besides being relatable, I also found Ae Ra pretty inspirational too. That just says so much about how much she cares for Dong Man, and how she puts his needs before her own.

What a sweetheart.

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Another Ae Ra moment that really stands out to me, is the time in episode 14, when Ae Ra gets the job instead of losing out to the very annoying Hye Ran Lee Elliya. That one thing stands out to me, so much, as a profound statement of the kind of person Ae Ra is. Whether they were just friends, newly dating, or feeling their way through the uncertain, murky territory in-between, they were always a delight to watch.

They have such a shared, natural, easy vibe, that when I watch them, I truly believe that Ae Ra and Dong Man have been close for years and years, and as a result, feel super comfortable around each other.

In fact, it kinda feels like they get a special kind of satisfaction ribbing each other.

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To the casual observer, it might look like these two can barely stand the sight of each other, but what really got me, is the magnitude and unwavering nature of the underlying care and affection that these two have for each other. I absolutely love the friendship between Ae Ra and Dong Man.

Every clue that tells me about much they care about each other — as friends — makes my heart swell up with the warm fuzzies.

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As a bonus, Show dishes out regular flashbacks of Dong Man and Ae Ra, both of when they were just little kidlets, and when they were in school. I loved all of the flashbacks; it just felt so satisfying to watch their friendship, even then.

Dong Man promptly beats up the guys who are giving Ae Ra a hard time, and Ae Ra then gets Dong Man out of trouble and the holding cell, by threatening the guy right back.

They are just so fiercely protective of each other. Which of course had to end with a punch to the head. These two are so cute. The way he puts his phone up to the speaker to get a good recording, and then beams with happiness, is so cute.

In the same episode, Dong Man has a particularly bad day, getting humiliated by his senior at work. I love how Dong Man goes to Ae Ra, as an automatic response. Just priceless. Along with the confusing physical reactions, we also see both Dong Man and Ae Ra experiencing confusing feelings as their brains struggle to keep up with and make sense of their hearts.

Exhibit B: reflex couple behavior There a lot of times when we see Dong Man and Ae Ra behaving in couple-like ways, even as they are officially just friends. I find it all very endearing and sweet, that by reflex, they already treat each other as significant others.

We see a lot of this reflex couple behavior in episodes 5 and 6. Ae Ra drops everything to go to Dong Man when he asks, and then bawls when he gets hurt.

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When she gets mad at him, he tries to apologize through the closed door. He rushes to the hospital when she gets admitted, and gets mad when he sees another man kissing her.

Also, they each always rush to explain things to the other. And I do love that when she starts crying, he knows just what she needs; something to hide her crying face, and a hug.

Why are you hugging me? I told you to stay out of it. My heart flutters. As a new couple, their years of friendship mix endearingly with their new, adorable shyness around each other. Through the new-couple gingerness, they are refreshingly candid. She just tells him, and I love it. I also love how guileless Dong Man is, as he approaches his new girlfriend.

I luff him. Here are just 3 of my favorite OTP moments in the show. First of all, I love how Dong Man is so precise and swift, in winning the fight. I also love how matter-of-fact and nonchalant he is, after the fact. And his final pronouncement is so perfect. It feels so intimate; his gaze is so steady and gentle as he searches her face, and his hands look so large and sexy.

I love that he tells her he is going to kiss her again, that he wants to kiss her again. Exhibit C: Does your stomach not hurt anymore? Does your stomach not hurt anymore? And that moment when he pulls her in for a proper kiss, because her stomach is ok, is hawt. So sweet and so swoony.

The quartet of friends In line with my affection for the long-time friendships in the Answer Me series, I also had a soft spot for the quartet of friends in this show.

  • My Rating: Blurb: Ko Dong Man used to practice taekwondo back in the school days and now he makes a living as a contract employee, while going after the UFC title. On the other hand, Choi Ae Ra gave up her dream of becoming an announcer and she works at the information desk of a department store.
  • The series' success came as a surprise at a time when mainstream TV is dominated by legal and crime dramas,
  • No matter what others say about them, together they make their own way to live a happy life. Of the many concepts of Korean dramas, the friends turned lovers plot is perhaps one of the most realistic and relatable to many viewers.
  • We have detailed character descriptions for the Fantastic Four! KBS released this leading up to the premier, but we just got around to translating it over here.

I love the little touches of them spending time together in their everyday routines. Like the way they have breakfast together in one apartment coz they all live literally within shouting distance of one another. Or the way they hang out on their secret balcony, with snacks and drinks, and chat the night away, while basking in the moonlight together.

These four were like a little hodge-podge family, and I found it altogether very endearing.

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