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Michigan football: 3 storylines to watch vs. Middle Tennessee Statein Kickoff: p. Know the foe: Middle Tennessee State has been a remarkably consistent team under coach Rick Stockstill, having lost games for the past six seasons, with five bowl appearances.

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The University's Domain bears a plentiful harvest. Fact 13 Environmental programs of study Sewanee's Integrated Program in the Environment is one of the premier collections of environmental offerings in the country.

A working farm , a 13,acre forest , and well-funded internships offer opportunities to apply your classroom learning. The signature Perimeter Trail—the mile loop that circles much of the Domain—is a must for your Sewanee bucket list.

It provides a hiking experience unparalleled in the region. Try one of our favorites.

Week 2: How To Watch, Listen, Or Stream Local College Football Teams

Want to get your hands dirty? Labs, research, independent study, and social events are just a few ways to get down on the farm.

A Living Learning Laboratory "If you're a student who is interested in being outside and studying the natural world and being able to do that at any time, Sewanee is the place for you. Learn from award-winning professors In his book The Forest Unseen, Biology Professor David Haskell uses a one-square-meter patch of Sewanee's old-growth forest as a window onto the entire natural world.

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His writing brings the forest and its inhabitants to vivid life. Read an excerpt below. A polar wind rips across the mountainside, streaming through my scarf, pushing an ache into my jaw.

Not counting the wind chill, it is twenty degrees below freezing.

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In these southern forests such cold is unusual. Typical southern winters cycle between thaws and mild freezes, with deep chills arriving for a few days each year.

On a whim, I throw my gloves and hat onto the frozen ground. The scarf follows.

Previous Next The ,square-foot Anderson Training Center houses day-to-day operations for the Tennessee football program.

Quickly, I strip off my insulated overalls, shirt, T-shirt, and trousers. The first two seconds of the experiment are surprisingly refreshing, a pleasant coolness after the stuffy clothes.

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Then the wind blasts away the illusion and my head is fogged with pain. The heat streaming out of my body scorches my skin. A chorus of Carolina chickadees provides the accompaniment to this absurd striptease.

The birds dance through the trees like sparks from a fire, careening through twigs. They rest no more than a second on any surface, then shoot away. Small animals should be less able to cope with the cold than their larger cousins.

Small animals cool rapidly because they have proportionally much more body surface than body volume. The relationship between the size of animals and the rate of heat loss has produced geographic trends in body sizes.

When an animal species exists over a large area, the individuals in the north are usually larger than those in the south.

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Tennessee birds have tipped the balance between surface area and body volume to match the colder winters here. Farther north, Carolina chickadees are replaced by a closely related species, the black-capped chickadee, which is ten percent larger again.

The wind gusts hard and the burning sensation in my skin surges.

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Then, a deeper pain starts. Something behind my conscious mind is trapped and alarmed. My body is failing after just a minute in this winter chill. Yet, I weigh ten thousand times more than a chickadee; surely these birds should be extinguished in seconds.

A former Tennessee Professor of the Year and Pulitzer Prize finalist, Haskell he teaches courses in nonfiction writing, biodiversity, evolution, and conservation.

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