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Wednesday, January 29, 2020 5:09:15 PM

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There's ethical and moral issues that don't sit well with my team, and they would be very reluctant to give a man like him the sort of opportunity that Israel can bestow on him. We have a track record of not fighting certain opponents even though they make sense.

And I'm not talking about in the UFC, I'm talking about locally, because they're just not good people. And Israel can want to fight him and have all the desire in the world to fight him that he wants, but it's not his decision.

It's not solely his decision.

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Doesn't matter how much money he makes, he will have to leave my gym, because he'll just be a shit human being. And you can't do that. You can't be that person at my gym," Bareman told Submission Radio.

And maybe he doesn't leave the gym, but then me and the 30 other guys on the fight team, we take him out the back and we bash the shit out of him, you know, we give him some tough love.

Let's talk about Israel going up. Has anybody gone up and won two titles but skipped a division? Well, there you go.

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There's a bit of history. Am I correct? Well, Israel wouldn't be reluctant to go to heavyweight. Israel would go to heavyweight and he would fight Stipe Miocic.

Like, he does the basics really well.

UFC Fight Night Live Stream: Watch ‘Donald Cerrone vs. Yancy Medeiros’ Online

If that's the fight that happens next, then yeah, that's not gonna be a problem for us. There's bigger challenges in the middleweight division than Paulo Costa.

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He's worked himself up to a great position where he seems to be the number one guy, so he looks like the most likely scenario if Israel [stays at middleweight]. It's hard for me to know what's going to happen.

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