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Monday, December 23, 2019 11:20:04 PM

Marcin Tybura. Werdum by Unanimous Decision, Damien Brown Vs. Nadia Kassem def. Fabricio Werdum vs.


Remember the name.

UFC Fight Night Werdum vs. Tybura Weigh

There's a coward I seen around this week, likes to talk about other people's countries. Belal Muhammad: Round 3 Apologies, but just had a technical difficulty there, namely that the summary disappeared upon publication.

  • Rawlings immediately occupied the center of the cage as Clark circled around the outside. After a minute of exchanging punches on the feet, Rawlings shot for the double-leg to get the fight to the mat.
  • As many as 13 fights were on the bill in Sydney, with Werdum taking on Marcin Tybura in the main event. Remarkably, the card last almost seven hours with 10 of the 13 fights going the distance and to a decision.
  • The fight was temporarily stopped in the third round after Muhammad lost a contact lens.
  • Marcin Tybura in the main event and Bec Rawlings vs. Jessica-Rose Clark as the co-main event.
  • Bisping in November He had recently admitted in an article trouble sleeping and said he's begin to stutter and slur his words.

In brief synopsis, Round 3 was another competitive round. Belal Muhammad: Round 2 Muhammad lands a pair of early punches, but those successes give way to a couple of crosses and a jab from Means.

Muhammad shoots and succeeds on a takedown, but he's unable to keep his opponent grounded for long. Means sticks a stiff jab into his enemy's face, then adds a leg-kick and a knee.

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Muhammad looks for a takedown, but he's shut down, so settles a two-punch combination to close out the round. Belal Muhammad: Round 1 The exchanges come early, as advertised, with Means landing a couple clean punches early.

Muhammad rallies 30 seconds later for a clipping right hook, then adds another one moments later. Both fighters continue to land, Means finding the range with straight punches, Muhammad coming back with hooks. Muhammad ends the round strong with a few consecutive connections.

Bojan Velickovic: Round 3 A left hand lands for Velickovic, which Matthews answers with a takedown in the center of the cage.

Velickovic rolls out and stands, then takes Matthews down to the mat. He moves to the back, but slips off the top, allowing Matthews to get back on top.

The Aussie postures and the guard for a pair of hard punches.

  • A heavyweight bout between the K-1 World Grand Prix winner and former interim title contender Mark Hunt against Marcin Tybura was expected to serve as the event's headliner. However on October 10, Hunt was removed from the bout due to "medical concerns".
  • Fabricio Werdum to win by submission in Rd3. Bec Rawlings to win by decision.
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  • Tybura, Rawlings vs.

He then crawls to half-guard and works some short left hands. From there, he transitions to the back, but loses the position, winding back up in half-guard.

Bojan Velickovic: Round 2 Matthews attacks with a flurry, which Velickovic avoids and answers with a switch knee. Velickovic then grabs a guillotine when Matthews shoots, transitioning into mount before losing it.

Matthews turns, forfeiting his back. The fighters battle for arm position, a battle Matthews eventually wins, enabling him to stand and score with a hard elbow, then a left hook moments later.

UFC Fight Night Fabricio Werdum vs Marcin Tybura

Bojan Velickovic: Round 1 Matthews closes the distance quickly, looking to take the action to the mat. He eventually completes the maneuver, but absorbs a handful of elbows in the process, and Velickovic pops up immediately. Matthes immediately goes straight back to his wrestling, and though it once again takes a long while, he does again complete the takedown.

This time he manages to keep Velickovic floored for awhile, but he's unable to do much with the position before his opponent works up.

But still no one could agree what the score should be. Bloody Elbow BloodyElbow These scores are amazingly weird. I mean, the fight was amazingly weird, but those scores are really strange.

Marcin Tybura Round 1 — Werdum open with a high kick and Tybura comes forward with a combination.

Daniel Kelly: Round 3 The kicks from Theodorou are starting to draw winces from Kelly, who absorbs a right hand that makes him stumble back. He retaliates with a quick left and keeps the pressure on the much younger fighter. The Australian executes a trip and jumps on his opponent's back, looking for a choke.

Theodorou remains calm and patiently escapes, keeping Kelly tied up against the fence after the fighters stand. Kelly eventually breaks free, but he continues to have trouble working past his counterpart's kicks. Daniel Kelly: Round 2 More kicks early on from Theodorou, who is trying to keep Kelly from closing the distance.

That plan goes awry when Kelly rushes him and executes a trip, but the Canadian manages to spring up quickly. Time is called when Theodorou catches Kelly with a low-blow.

When we get back to it, Theodorou hits with a few more leg-kicks before Kelly fires back with a left hook. The process repeat, with Theodorou adding a kick up top that glances off the head.

Daniel Kelly: Round 1 A few leg-kicks come from Theodorou in the early going.

UFC Fight Night Werdum vs. Tybura Live Results and Fight Stats

Kelly blitzes in with a flurry, but doesn't find the mark. Theodorou continues to utilize kicks heavily, frequently hitting to the legs and midsection. A clinch is initiated by Kelly, who uses the opportunity to work some dirty-boxing. Theodorou pushes on and resumes his kick-centric approach.

UFC Fight Night ‘Werdum vs. Tybura’ Play

Shane Young: Round 3 Young takes the center of the Octgan, knowing he's down on the card. Volkanovski quickly takes back the lost ground by running his opponent to the fence.

He cracks Young with a pair of right hands, then completes a takedown, dropping punches from the guard and half-guard. Young eventually manages to work back up, but Volkanovski keeps on him, grinding him into the chain-links.

Shane Young: Round 2 Volkanovski punches his way into the clinch and looks for a takedown. Young does a good job defending and avoiding damage on the break, but it doesn't take long for Volkanovski to reattach himself.

This time the Aussie completes the maneuver, but Young is back to his feet quickly. A hard right hook lands for Volkanovski, who then scoops Young up and puts him on the mat, then repeats the process after Young stands.

The grounded fighter is able to scramble up before the horn. Shane Young: Round 1 After the first minute passes without much in the way of action, Volkanovski makes a couple of attempts for a takedown, but he's not able to consolidate either.

He doesn't manages to land a few short punches in close, then finally make good on the takedown about a minute later. Young scrambles up quickly, but he can't get any space from Volkanovski, whose swarming him against the cage.

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But a highlight reel finish. That was a sweet knockout against an opponent who was fighting a frustrating style.

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