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Mike Perry knocks out Jake Ellenberger with brutal elbow at UFC Fight Night

Yo, that ain't Stevie Ray. Suckas gots to know. The Bostonian is back in the cage! He's known, and loved, for his ability to score post-fight bonuses and has a good huckleberry for that in Scottish prospect Stevie Ray.

But of course, Ray will be looking to add the beloved veteran to his resume more than anything else and that could make for a pure battle of wills.

But he was down for a long time. After a commercial break, the reading of the official decision, and Perry's post-fight interview, Ellenberger was still being held up on the stool. That's scary for a guy that was already a physical wreck and should probably be a red flag when it comes to his fighting future.

Jake Ellenberger by KO via Elbow at of Round 2 If you pull up the tape on Mike Perry from his time on the indie circuit and compare it to him today, it's impossible to overlook the improvements. He might be a legitimate phenom and, if he continues to improve at this clip, could be a true contender down the line.

Clock Icon am Jake Ellenberger vs. Mike Perry Round 2 Ellenberger gets some early offense in with an uppercut but Perry fires right and knocks down Ellenberger with a clean left hook. The vet is back up quickly but Perry puts him back down, this time for good, with a hard elbow in the clinch.

Mike Perry Round 1 Ellenberger gets a takedown in the opening seconds but can't do anything with it. Perry escapes, gets back on his feet and uses his speed edge to effortlessly tag Ellenberger.

Ellenberger tries to lock him up in the clinch and shoot for takedowns, but Perry has little trouble staying upright, controlling the action and scoring points. Which is kind of silly since it shows him whiffing a dozen punches.

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Still, he's almost guaranteed excitement and should work well with Al Iaquinta in tonight's co-main event. Mike Perry has turned a lot of fans off to him with a steady stream of racial insensitivity, but has kept the UFC warm with his exciting style and pure talent.

He gets a good test in shopworn veteran Jake Ellenberger which could open the door for bigger names in the welterweight division. So time for staff picks. Check them out if you haven't already.

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Sam Alvey by Unanimous Decision , , Leites scores a much-needed, albeit forgettable, win. And that's a bit of a shame, too! That early leg injury sucked the life out of Alvey and left him with no real chance of winning. Clock Icon am Thales Leites vs. Sam Alvey Round 3 More of the same with Leites working leg kicks, but one comes up high and hits Alvey's cup.

Alvey, foolishly, doesn't take much time to recover and gets right back to hobbling forward at Leites, who lands leg kicks Alvey once again hurries back into action but again can't maintain any serious offense due to his bum ankle.

Leites is coasting at this point, however, and Alvey starts to open up in the closing moments. That swings the round in his favor Sam Alvey Round 2 Alvey says that the first kick of the fight injured his ankle.

That's pretty obvious to everyone in attendance and it's especially obvious to Leites, who is content in chopping away at his shin. Alvey starts moving forward and eventually tags Leites with a punch but any offensive momentum is stopped when Leites gets a takedown and nearly takes Alvey's back.

That shuts down any chance for Alvey to steal the round and puts the American in a must-finish-to-win position.

Ufc Punching Power

Sam Alvey Round 1 The fight starts with Leites landing a hard kick that seems to suck most of the fight out of Alvey. Leites doesn't look for the finish, though, and has Alvey limping within the first few minutes.

The Brazilian is staying disciplined and keeps landing kicks to the leg, and occasionally to the head. Alvey has no answer and, eventually, the horn comes.

UFC Fight Night Swanson vs. Lobov

He rebuilt himself on the indie circuit and, somehow, became a devastating power puncher when he rejoined the UFC in The UFC isn't doing him any favors, though, and he'll have to best stoppage machine Sam Alvey if he wants to get back into the swing of things.

Ortiz was putting on a high-level wrestling clinic in that fight and Moreno made the adjustments, clocked him with a kick and finished him on the ground. He says to Brian Stann after the fight that one day, he'll be a champion and it's hard to doubt him.

Unfortunately, Ortiz is now on a three fight skid.

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That could very easily result in a pink slip and, if so, that's a damn shame. Ortiz is an excellent fighter and showed that here, despite the loss. Clock Icon am Dustin Ortiz vs.

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Brandon Moreno Round 2 Ortiz is pressing the action early but Moreno is landing hard punches as he tries to enter. That keeps Ortiz from shooting for a while, but the double-leg takedown comes and is completed with gusto.

Moreno manages to escape and quickly clocks Ortiz with a clean headkick, taking back mount, locking in the body triangle and hunting for a submission. Ortiz holds on for a while Brandon Moreno Round 1 Ortiz is all over Moreno early on, repeatedly taking down Moreno in the clinch.

Moreno eventually escapes and starts throwing heavy leg kicks, but gets taken right back down and pressed to the cage by Ortiz.

Moreno manages to reverse position and take full mount, but Ortiz explodes back to his feet and gets right back to working the clinch, en route to a handy first round. Bleacher Report Scores Round 1 Ortiz. Big test of the young Mexican upstart. Clock Icon am Great Fight Alert!

Brandon Moreno is a fast-rising flyweight prospect. Dustin Ortiz is a fast-falling flyweight prospect. Still, both dudes are legitimate talents and should combine for a really enjoyable contest. Clock Icon Scott Holtzman vs. McBride looked truly terrible.

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Not much more to say than that about the fight. About the sport as a whole, however, it's embarrassing that McBride was allowed to continue by his corner.

While he saved face by not losing on the stool, he ultimately made no real effort to win the fight and, as a result, absorbed a great deal of needless damage. McBride's corner did him dirty there.

Clock Icon am Scott Holtzman vs. Michael McBride Round 3 Tell me if you've heard this one, but McBride is standing in place and eating diving overhand rights and left hooks from Holtzman.

McBride's only attempts to stop this are submission attempts that don't work, and ultimately result in Holtzman sitting in a dominant position. Holtzman is somewhat exhausted after 10 minutes of beating up McBride and is content in landing kicks to the thighs and working ground-and-pound in short bursts.

McBride did little more than attempt to survive and, despite succeeding, takes the loss and a bunch of unnecessary damage. Michael McBride Round 2 Holtzman keeps throwing lunging hooks and, for the most part, keeps doing so without answer.

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McBride keeps on eating punches but, remarkably, doesn't seem to be wobbly from it. Holtzman shoots for a takedown but McBride pulls off a crafty move, using a calf slicer to take back position in the clinch.

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