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With Goku dead and no chance of ever settling their score, Vegeta is so crushed he flies away vowing to never fight again. Until the story skips seven years later to reveal that he kept training the whole time and becomes extremely fixated on having one last fight with Goku who has been allowed to return to Earth for one day.

It's only at the end of the arc that the two groups realise they're on the same side and should be uniting against Aizen. Eventually, it turns out the Amakusa Catholics were trying to save her, as the Roman Catholic Church was going to have her tortured and executed. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, they all team up to save her.

Accelerator easily defeats him and leaves. Shiage realizes he was mistaken and berates himself. This is the basics of Yukumi Hisako's Agitate Halation plan: manipulate every hero into fighting each other until she has created a world without heroes.

To do this, she creates a signal that gives anybody with heroic tendencies an uncontrollable urge to protect a little girl named Fremea Seivelun. Unfortunately, these people then perceive everybody else as a threat to her and attack them.

Code Geass : Invoked in Code Geass. During what appears to be a rebellion by defecting Britannian troops, Marianne in the body of Anya attacks Bismarck, accusing him of being in on it, so that he'd be on the defensive and wouldn't question her. It's played straight during the first episode, where Suzaku attacks Lelouch because he thinks he's a terrorist which was not yet the case.

Invoked and played straight at the same time by Schneizel turning the Black Knights against Zero by careful manipulation of facts and a few lies toss in to make them betray him.

Dragon Ball Z : Vegeta and Trunks ended up getting into this as the former plans on letting Cell absorb Android 18 for his perfect form while the latter has plans on stopping that.

Later on Vegeta gets possessed by Babidi and turned into a Majin, where he only desires to fight Goku.

He Who Fights Monsters / Characters

This leads Goku and Majin Vegeta to battle it out for the first time in years. When he sees Gohan in his Great Saiyaman costume, he does not recognize him and assumes he's being possessed by Watagash, so he attacks him.

The saiyans exile Broly to planet Vampa, where he and his father Paragus live for 41 years. The newly resurrected Frieza, in the process of rebuilding his empire, finds and recruits them.

He offers Paragus the chance to get revenge on Vegeta, the son of the king who exiled Broly. Even though Broly doesn't want to fight, his desire to escape Vampa, and his father's desire for revenge, allows Frieza to manipulate Broly into attacking his most hated enemies.

The Familiar of Zero has what is perhaps one of the most satisfying one of these ever in its backstory: the birth of Kirche and Tabitha's friendship.

A number of girls were jealous that Kirche was stealing all the boys, and teamed up with a boy who Tabitha had humiliated in duel. At a dance the boy used wind to shred Kirche's dress, leaving her naked. He then offered her his coat and told her Tabitha was responsible, which Kirche found reasonable because she had teased Tabitha earlier in the year.

When Kirche confronted Tabitha, she told Kirche that she had nothing to do with it and walked away. Then Tabitha returns to her room to find her book collection scorched, and immediately walks over to Kirche's room and accepts the challenge to a duel this was done by the jealous girls.

They go to the courtyard to fight and after one exchange of spells immediately realize that they were set up and team up to find and punish the real culprits. In Freezing , some third years tell Rana that Satellizer is just using Kazuya whom Rana has a crush on for his power instead of treating him like a true partner.

This lead to Rana challenging Satellizer to a duel. After the girls have beaten each other to a pulp, the third years applaud the "free entertainment" and then attack them.

Hinted to have happened in Gunslinger Girl , while it's not overt, it's implied that the government was hoping that the terrorists that took over the Turin nuclear plant and the politically-dangerous Section 2 an agency that uses Child Soldiers would take each other out.

There were enough Section 2 survivors left that the government just said 'screw it' and declared them terrorists, arresting them all. Naraku from InuYasha should have won an Oscar for the number of times he plotted his enemies and allies against each other. One particularly nasty example is when he told Sango that Inuyasha slaughtered everyone in her village, leading her to almost kill herself trying to get revenge.

Another such instance is when Naraku lures both Koga and Inuyasha to his castle and sets them up to make Koga believe Inuyasha wiped out his clan, tricking them into a life-and-death battle; then sends in his subordinates to kill the survivor.

I Will Fight No More Forever

Of course, in both cases, he had arranged the massacre himself. Detective Conan only has minor elements of this; Conan is chasing a Rebellious Princess who switched places with Ran , but said princess has befriended Fujiko, leading to a chase sequence where Conan's rocket-powered skateboard actually manages to tail Fujiko's bike.

Nanoha holds out just long enough for her Wide Area Search to pinpoint Quattro before using a restraint spell on Vivio and unleashing her full Mama Bear wrath on Quattro's ass. Quattro: "Now kill each other like a good mother and daughter.

Negi loses.

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Amazingly subverted by Wufei: he's the Wild Card and Not Good with People , but when he meets the other Gundams he doesn't fight them, he ends the fight of the other four by pointing out they're all on the same side and that Heero has been tricked into killing the pacifist faction in the UESA military.

Just after Megumi hears Miki describing to his mother a powerful enemy at the Endou house, while being punished for constantly Carrying a Cake : This is surprising!

There's someone who can land Onimaru-san in this much trouble. He must definitely be an amazing fighter. First I should become friends with this person , then teaming up would be the best course of action. One Piece puts an interesting spin on this.

When the bounty hunters attack Zoro, he defeats them all. A chain of events are set up for the saga as he comes face to face with two agents of the aforementioned organization, Mr.

But Luffy , after learning Zoro attacked the other Baroque Works agents and unaware they weren't as nice as they seemed, becomes enraged and attacks Zoro, who calmly tries to explain before Luffy attacks him anyway. The two of them fight while the agents continue to complete their mission, but after Luffy and Zoro keep attacking them while they fight, Mr.

Valentine try to kill them themselves Luffy and Zoro: Stop fighting and turn to the agents Shut up! And go away! Luffy and Zoro: You're interfering Played straight when the Straw Hats reach Water 7. The CP9, with Nico Robin's help, frame the Straw Hats for the attempted assassination of mayor and shipbuilding company president Iceberg, essentially pitting them against the entire city, particularly the dock 1 foremen.

Things are cleared up when the CP9 reveal themselves. Sanji and Zoro trading insults until things get physical has become a Running Gag especially during the Davy Back Fight arc, where it almost causes them to lose a match until they get their act together and team up.

  • My Cart Quileute wolf spell Native American Names might also be based on the gender and birth position of the baby.
  • Combined Forces - Team 4 falls under this trope.
  • Mercy Graves in the Mercy series both enjoys fighting to an incredible degree she frequently takes advantage of the fact Gringotts goblins negotiate with violence but violence in general, having once bet Harry she could break all bones in a person's appendicular skeleton without killing them.
  • Gameplay[ edit ] A screenshot of Rakugakids gameplay.

In Ronin Warriors , Dais uses his powers to make the heroes think each other is him, so they blindly attack each other. Subverted in Samurai Champloo.

Tv tropes rivals This character is usually the … The Rivals Team Up trope as used in popular culture. With the film's 30th I found it a good portrayal of the stereotype of elegant Georgian society, and it was a light read.

In the first episode both Mugen and Jin get into separate fights with the samurai in the town they are wandering through. When the two cross paths, Mugen believes Jin is one of the samurai sent to kill him and immediately attacks. When Mugen learns that Jin actually killed the town's samurai, Mugen becomes even more excited at the prospect of fighting a tougher opponent.

The entire show consists of Mugen and Jin trying to fulfill their obligation to Fuu so they can finally fight each other, and the series constantly hints that no matter how close Mugen and Jin grow in their quest, their eventual duel will be to the death.

Averted in the end when they decide not to, having come to like one another far too much. In Sekirei , Minato is trapped by many other Ashikabi and Sekirei who were sent an email by the Game Master who said if anyone stops Minato from reaching the MBI building, they'd be excused from his earlier rule where an Ashikabi with no wins would lose their Sekirei.

A biker Ashikabi arrives late to the situation and immediately starts talking trash to them.

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