Tv Show That Had Three Boys Who Played Baseball

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The Baseball from a Muppet Time sketch. Wilkins and Wontkins playing baseball. Elmo as a baseball player. Ernie pretending to play baseball.

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Production[ edit ] Produced by Major League Baseball Productions , and starring Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench , and Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda , the series was envisioned as a fun, but informative way for Little League aged children to learn the fundamentals of baseball.

We think it's a little dry for kids to be watching this. A lot of good baseball information, but not enough color to it, so can you come in and just improvise around what we've done, and we'll re-shoot the whole thing. It was glorious.

Linda Coslett "Kate", season 1 recalled, "We would pretend.

Eastbound & Down (TV Series

We would look at this chalk-board that was blank, and then they would go back to Los Angeles and film it separately with Tommy and then plug him into the show.

So Tommy Lasorda was never on the set. The ninth team-member was "The San Diego Chicken" played by Ted Giannoulas who served as a comic foil to Bench as he would attempt to mentor the children.

Each episode was divided into two segments. The first segment featured a current or former Major League player demonstrating a baseball fundamental to the children e.

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The Major League guest-stars would also serve to steer the children clear of what not to do e. The second segment featured a skit with "The Dugout Wizard" played by Tommy Lasorda , a mystical turban wearing "Swami" character who taught a second baseball fundamental e.

Trout, the generational baseball talent who plays center field for the Los Angeles Angels, signed the largest contract in North American professional team sports history.

This second instructional segment was often accompanied by a music video a genre then in its embryonic stage , composed of clips of Major League players either performing the act or failing at it-for instance, the episode which featured knuckleballer Phil Niekro mentions how difficult a knuckleball can be to catch and showed several clips of frustrated catchers trying to do so.

In addition to the technical fundamentals of the game, the series would also touch on some of the psychological challenges youngsters face, including addressing performance anxieties an adolescent boy's fears of not being "good enough" before a big game and sportsmanship a "little league father" criticizing his son unmercifully from the sidelines gently being urged to relax and enjoy the game.

Linda Coslett "Kate", season 1 said of her time on the series, "I was eleven when the show started.

Strike Three: Baseball Is Dead

I turned twelve actually during the month of February, during the filming, and I was on the show for one year. I stayed with The Bunch for four incredible years, until my voice changed and I was taller than Johnny Bench. The children who appeared as "The Bunch" team-members at one time or another during the show's five-season run are, in alphabetical order: [1] [14] [15] [16] [17] Stacy Blythe as Michelle.

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