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Monday, September 9, 2019 11:50:14 PM

And more TSN! TSN2 is a new hour sports digital network that features live and exclusive major league sports action. ESPN Classic has encore broadcasts of the most cherished classic games and moments from the world of sports.

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Email It appears the Canadian Football League and TSN have been huddling up at the highest levels and will be announcing a new, long-term partnership before the end of this season. The current agreement was scheduled to run through but there was apparently impetus from both the league and TSN to hammer out a long-term arrangement that functions more as a partnership than a rights deal, so it is believed the final two years were reworked and four more were added.

Revenue certainty is obviously preferable to the alternative, so it makes nothing but sense for the CFL to seek an extension, particularly one that will offer a healthy base amount that each of the nine franchises can rely upon, and also leave top-end room if ratings trend upward, as both the CFL and TSN would hope and expect.

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Principals with the Atlantic Schooners are now hopeful of a kickoff, most likely in an existing stadium in Moncton, before switching to an as-yet-unbuilt venue in Halifax after a season or two.

Under Commissioner Randy Ambrosie, the league continues to shift perception and pursue new revenue streams all over the world, as part of his ambitious CFL 2. In time, there should also be streaming deals in Europe, as global players start to populate CFL rosters. They had the CFL locked up for two more years, apparently at a somewhat lower rate, and by all accounts were satisfied with the ratings and what the product was doing for them in terms of driving ad revenue.

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So why extend a favourable deal? Well, without hearing it from anyone at TSN who was directly involved in the negotiations, how can this not be about the very real threat that global streaming companies pose to more traditional TV networks?

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Sandwave Technologies Inc. English Premier League soccer is set to not have a home on traditional Canadian TV for the first time in at least two decades.
NCAA Basketball on TSN Broadcast Schedule Gerry Tymon, vice-president and general manager of The Rep Shoppe, the company

Think specifically about the landscape in Canada. Mediapro is a major player on the global soccer scene and wanted a foothold in the North American sports landscape, with an eye on moving into the United States from Canada.

So they apparently paid dearly for the rights to all CPL games, as well as all Canadian National Team games, for both men and women.

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