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Saturday, November 16, 2019 5:55:33 AM

Tweet Watching illegal livestreams of big ticket events is time honored tradition of the internet. But this weekend's fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Newer social media livestreaming capability has made it far easier to instantly share live feeds, and if an event is hyped enough, people watching it illegally has now become an unstoppable inevitability. Nearly 3 million viewers are estimated to have watched the fight this weekend via online streams, according to Irdetoa digital security firm.


Matthew Dunn 28 Aug , Updated: 1 Sep , IF YOU were one of the millions of people illegally streaming the Mayweather and McGregor fight, you might have noticed mystery codes appearing during the broadcast.

  • Some people are saying he'll never hit Floyd once," White said, eight days out from one of the biggest fights of all time. I've just watched him work out last night and he looks phenomenal, he's in great shape.
  • How to bet on the McGregor-Khabib fight online and what the odds mean Find out where you can place a bet and what the odds mean.
  • Pay-per-view numbers will come in later this week or early next week.
  • Preliminary figures released by Showtime PPV on Friday showed the fight was tracking in the "mid to high" 4 million range, threatening the 4.
  • Here are the dizzying numbers. The Nevada State Athletic Commission discloses the fixed payments of fighters on cards within its jurisdiction.
  • Even though there was always going to people finding a way to watch the scrap for free, it's still pretty interesting to find out just how many did. Advert Digital platform security company Irdeto has estimated that there was around three million people who streamed it illegally, refusing to pay box office prices, Forbes reports.

There has been no explanation about the source or meaning of the unusual watermark, although it could spell bad news for those illegally broadcasting the fight.

The most likely explanation for the code is that it had been embedded into streams by a broadcaster licensed to show the fight as a method to track those illegally sharing the fight or using devices like the Kodi Box to watch it.

Facebook played a role in facilitating illegal broadcasts of the fight using its Live feature, with streams attracting tens of thousands of viewers. Kodi box users could face up to TEN years in jail thanks to controversial new law One of the men responsible, Darren Sharpe, was forced to post a public apology to avoid legal action.

It was wrong and I apologise. At the time of the broadcast, Foxtel said the effects of breaching content copyright was more widespread than people might expect.

Fans Sue Showtime For Botched Stream of Mayweather

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