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The Good Fight returns April 17 on SBS

‘The Good Fight’: CBS Will Air Season 1 Of ‘Good Wife’ Spinoff Starting June 16

Yet with new streaming services appearing almost daily, CBS All Access is engaged in a reversal of course. Working alongside fellow co-creator Phil Alden Robinson, showrunners Robert and Michelle King constructed Fight as a starring vehicle for Baranski, who had proven a fan favorite throughout the CBS run.

When the possibility of a spinoff arose, the network's fledgling streaming service seemed an obvious home for the series.

‘The Good Fight’ Renewed for Season 4 at CBS All Access

Despite multiple Emmys, and strong critical acclaim, Wife was never a ratings powerhouse for CBS, rarely breaking into the Nielsen top Yet even with marginal broadcast ratings, Wife was often a top-three show for the streaming platform, ranking ahead of many higher-rated broadcast series.

Converting to broadcast While the initial episode of Fight had a broadcast premiere in February, , the series had not surfaced again on broadcast, leading to surprise among industry analysts when CBS announced plans to begin airing first-season episodes on June 16th -- the first All Access series to make the jump to network.

Yet the laissez-faire constraints of streaming aren't easily aligned with broadcast standards, and producers faced challenges in adapting the series for air. Trimming Fight to a suitable network run time -- 42 minutes, 30 seconds -- led the Kings to adopt a rapid-fire editing style that removed air from characters' conversations, without necessarily cutting lines.

I can't tell what's missing. The profanity blackouts are funny because there are a lot of them , but the integrity of the show remains intact.

  • All Trump, all the time.
  • But its greatness sometimes feels limited by its home on CBS All Access, a streaming service that admittedly offers much greater creative freedom than network television … with far less of a potential audience. So, when it was announced that the first season will air on CBS this summer , starting Sunday, June 16, I was intrigued and curious.
  • The balls of lightning and the power outages are theatrical elements in the finale that actually work quite well.
  • Premise[ edit ] A year after the series finale of The Good Wife , an enormous financial scam destroys the reputation of young lawyer Maia Rindell and wipes out the savings of her mentor, Diane Lockhart. The show deals primarily with the storylines of its three female leads — Diane, Lucca, and Maia — and contains considerable political and social commentary , exploring topical issues such as the alt-right , the Me Too movement , online harassment , and fake news.
  • I especially like how "current" it is. And to those who don't like the blatant racial and gender issues in the show--well, that's America!
  • The legal side of the story quickly morphed into an anarchic political drama with only a sprinkling of courtroom action, taking its cue from its predecessor, The Good Wife , which followed a similar path.

While brief title sequences -- or even title cards -- are common for modern networks, many streaming series still include traditional opening titles. In cutting the episodes to length, Fight's stylized title sequence, filled with shattering stemware and exploding monitors, was the first thing to go.

Good Fight composer David Buckley, Emmy-nominated for his work on the series, rewrote the classical opening theme, shortening the run time by nearly a minute. I have to say it was a bit depressing.

The Good Fight TV Show Air Dates & Track Episodes

The unfolding of the full streaming version is part of its charm -- the fact that it starts very timidly, then grows more bombastic. That's the effect we were trying to go for, obviously, with the images to match.

Boxing schedule: Fight dates, TV channel and live stream for confirmed cards

In the network version, there's very little time before the first explosion occurs," he said. Some of it's technical, some of it's luck, and some of it is just working on it and hoping for the best.

Christine Baranski’s ‘Good Fight’ moves from streaming to network

And though staff writers weren't consulted on the edits, Adkins notes he's pleased with the results. After announcements that the Kings would not return to Fight's parent series, The Good Wife, following Season 7, CBS chose to end that series in May rather than continue under other producers.

With the pair having recently announced their plans for a forthcoming CBS series, Evil, scheduled for a world premiere screening at Comic-Con later this month, it seems their attention could be turning elsewhere.


As such, Good Fight's temporary move to the network may well prove a pivotal moment for the series. A subscriber surge is likely to mean continuation, but status quo numbers could signal the end for Fight.

CBS executives say they have no plans to air additional seasons of the drama, and with ratings dropping steadily for the current Sunday night airings -- off more than a third in the coveted demographic -- the network is unlikely to achieve any further bump in online subscribership.

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