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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 1:16:15 PM

Perspective and perception differ from one individual to another, sometimes causing conflict. So what do you do when you have matters involving controversial topics like MeToo or when each side is convinced they know the truth. The Laundromat is eerily empty but its warm lights and dry interior beckon Diane. Upon entering, she hears thudding and grunting noises emanating from the back.

CBS pulls Toronto animator's 'The Good Fight' cartoon about censorship in China

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But there is also a tinge of disorder to the way the episode is constructed. It vacillates between ever-expanding, dense subplots that require a steady hand to pull off.

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Given his connection to Bitcoin and his involvement with the shadier side of the internet, money proves to be no object — he offers a literal garbage bag full of money to Diane and the firm. Felix Staples even returns as a crucial witness once Jay recognizes that Felix is involved in discussions on an online forum where the blackout is encouraged.

This sense of chaos influences the camera work itself. Tracking shots are deftly employed to make the transitions between adjacent story lines and characters. Characters look directly at the camera, creating notes of intimacy.

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But that conclusion is drawn out until the last possible moment. In exchange for legal support, Felix agrees to help lure the hacker responsible, and Dylan is arrested mere moments before the blackout actually occurs.

The presence of Dylan and Felix allows Maia to finally garner the steeliness she needed to display far earlier.

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Maia struggles to be bold in the ways Barbara and Boseman encourage her to be during a performance review. Once Lucca is detained, she taps into her anger in order to protect a friend and colleague who has always been there for her.

She shadows Boseman despite his initial sourness toward the idea.

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Even though Maia finally shows enough gumption to help me understand why Diane saw a future for her, it may not be enough. And this episode presents an intriguing question that strikes at the heart of who Henry really is: Will he flee the country to protect himself?

Or will he accept a deal that would put him in prison for 35 years? Once he learns from his lawyer Rupert Scott Bryce that not taking the deal would put Maia in danger, Henry finally seems prepared to be the good father he has always claimed to be.

The company's proprietary streaming service, CBS All Access, has bought another year from the legal drama spinoff, which carries on with the characters originating in The Good Wife.

But there was enough hesitation that I worried Maia was in for a very tough lesson about the limits of family. Maia can tell her father is tense when she meets her parents for dinner.

Henry finally admits to feeling guilt.

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