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Monday, December 23, 2019 12:36:51 PM

The Huskies have been so up and down already this season that they could reel off four or five wins in a row, or they could lose their last five games and no one would be surprised. The Orange are floating in the same boat as the Huskies, though they look much better in losing than does Connecticut.

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And the UConn football team? It's going But at least never back to Tulsa.

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By David Jones djones pennlive. The tide slowly begins to ebb and flow back out to sea. The University of Connecticut has conceded. It has raised a white flag to the great pursuit of admittance to a Power Five football conference. Without a full-on admission, it has resigned itself that joining a conference full of fellow second-tier schools from Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Louisiana was probably a bad idea.

UConn is heading back from whence it came — the Big East. It is, in fact, in the Eastern part of the United States, not the South. So, flying 4 times a year to locales with which its roots have absolutely nothing in common, was, in fact, absurd.

But when major revenue is within smelling distance of college administrators and athletic chieftains, they follow their noses and ignore the crazy bells.

Syracuse uses late yard drive to beat UConn,

Connecticut vs. Tulsa in football? Sounds like a backyard brawl!

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This is the sort of thing the blind lovelorn do and only see their pathetic reflection later on. Over here! Pick me!

Announced crowds at Connecticut's Rentschler Field, pictured here during a game in , dipped to the 18,, range last season. The entire concept of a school like Connecticut, at the butt end of New England, making a move into the Power Five was flawed from the get-go.

Where would it be? The ACC?

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It was seen as a way station for those hopeful to jump on the rickety ship of, um, well… maybe the Big 12! Hey, Houston in the Big 12?

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Or even Memphis or Cincinnati or even Central Florida. But Connecticut?

Syracuse vs Connecticut

First of all, why do you want that guy. Especially for the hopeless cases. I think they were all emboldened by West Virginia and Syracuse. If those places could duck under the rope, why not us?

Temple had the same quest. Unfortunately, it dovetailed with the arrival of a pair of coaches who were specialists at doing more with less — Al Golden and then, 2 years after his departure, Matt Rhule.

As it should be — permanently. It was executed — and continues to be — without an on-campus football stadium. Seriously, why would you throw money down a drain in pursuit of more second-tier football status?

As Connecticut, Temple is never being invited to a Power Five conference.

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The only one that makes geographic sense is the ACC and its membership is full and its grant of rights airtight until with its new cable channel deal already divvied up. The ACC needs no new members, least of all an urban basketball school that splits loyalties with 5 other universities in its own city.

Who else would sign up Temple? The Big 12? The Big Ten? No and no. Wiser heads at Nova prevailed. The new Big East was formed. The revenue game within the game of college football is every year moving farther and farther away from the second-tier Group of 5 schools.

Their chances of ever making serious money are nil. Maybe Temple will also move back to its neighborhood and the Atlantic 10 where it belongs and concede that the dream of FBS football is a hollow pipe.

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