Sword Art Online 2 Kirito Vs Death Gun Full Fight

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  • Last week , Sword Art Online kicked the action up a whole bunch of notches. Dark Wind was taken out of the game by a very on-her-game Sinon.
  • Death Gun seems to have confirmed that the person named Kirito is in fact from Sword Art Online just like himself. We see a little memory from his past within Sword Art Online trying to defeat the ever growing Laughing Coffin clan base.
  • I will not mince words: I am no fan of the series. The first season was filled with so many issues, both significant and minor, that even watching a single episode was an incredible test of patience.
  • However, Quinella has more weaknesses than you might expect.
  • Release: July 5, — December 20, Source: Light novel In her introductory scene, legendary Gun Gale Online player Sinon snipes down a rival player with efficiency and little effort.

In the real world, a Type 54 was also used by a bank robber who was disarmed and killed with his own gun by Shino Asada Username: Sinon five years before the main story.

Norinco Type 54 - 7. Note the excellent trigger disciple, which is standard practice in anime. Note the awful trigger disciple, fitting the character.

Note the hammer is down despite being used earlier. Rather than an error, considering "Death Gun"'s love of theatrics it seems he's going out of his way to remove the round from the chamber after each execution, just so he can dramatically chamber it again each time.

FN Five-seveN - 5. He uses it left handed due to his photon sword being his primary weapon.

  • For this, I will explain why Yuuki was in fact superior to Kirito in a fair 1v1 fight, as I have done many times over the years.
  • Shouichi was not enthusiastic at first, but it all changed when he purchased a Metamaterial Optical Camouflage mantle from the Real Money Trade system.
  • One of the groups was a party of Salamanders led by Eugene, while the other was a mixed party led by Kirito. Tatsuya again attempted.
  • Instead, we will only recap what happened in the first few manga chapters released not long ago. The world felt so real and vivid; however, he is unable to recall any memory related to Underworld due to the work contract.
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The Bullet Circle green circle is essentially the HUD's crosshair function, showing the area in which the bullet could land at that moment.

Things like heart-rate, breathing, and similar affect accuracy significantly, and thus the size of the Bullet Circle. Despite being in Sinon's holster for most of the story, it's easily the least-used weapon belonging to a main character. OP The Glock in Sinon's holster in the opening. OP Sinon fires her 18C at Behemoth and his squad while advancing.

This time, however, her inability to use the gun was not Kirito's doing. In the real world, Endou, a school bully, later tries to use an airsoft MA1 borrowed from her brother to extort money from Shino.

Colt MA1 -. The gas-filling port on the bottom of the magazine is visible here. The player's appearance, outfit, lack of expression, and choice of weapon all seem like a rather subtle reference to something else.

Ginrou on the right with a pair of unknown pistols. Colt Python -. The mini-game requires the player to run up a narrow passage dodging the mascot's fire and successfully reach him. As a side note, the mascot speaks very good English, mostly consisting of taunts.

Kirito of S.A.O yeah. This anime is COOL!

The mascot fan-fires his Model 3. The rounds in the cylinder can be seen here. Note that the cylinders now no longer have bullets visible. Colt Single Action Army -.

Kirito vs Sinon

Sinon refers the Calico as an "ultra-lightweight machinegun, the Calico MA". Despite MA not being an official designation, given that the gun is a full-auto conversion of the civilian M model, it's the most appropriate designation given the rest of the Calico family's naming scheme.

Calico M - 9x19mm The introduction of Yamikaze's Calico. The weapon of the player on the far left is only visible in this frame, and appears to be some sort of pistol. CZ Vz.

Sword Art Online, l'anime japonais

The player on the far right is armed with one of the sci-fi style optical guns. One of the players that attempts to ambush Yamikaze during Sinon's explanation of his skill level was armed with an M with the stock removed.

Military Armament Corporation M -. The player they're talking with has a sniper rifle of some sort. Sinon walks past the player and his SMG.

Sword Art Online II

SIG SG - 5. The red highlight is the "area of fire" from an enemy. One of the players who attempts to ambush Yamikaze is armed with an M4A1 fitted with an EOTech holosight and foregrip. Colt M4A1 - 5.

Who would win: GGO vs GGO Alternative match

Norinco Model - 5. In the novels, Kirito describes him as carrying a "somewhat large machine gun" slung over his shoulder; given Kirito's lack of expertise with firearms, this is an appropriate description for a full-size assault rifle like the Type Howa Type 89 - 5.

Sinon mentions that Yamikaze may be a more skilled player than XeXeeD, but the latter's F and rare armour gave him the edge needed to win the previous BoB.

FN F - 5. Steyr AUG A1 - 5. Bushmaster ACR - 5.

The 10 Most Powerful Sword Art Online Characters, Ranked

The next player is the 92FS user seen above, and the last appears to have a shotgun. The specific variant is unknown as the front end isn't seen.


The other weapons look to be a shotgun, SMG, assault rifle, and optical gun.

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