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Edit Once you are commissioned to "captain" a starship at the beginning rank of Lieutenant, you are sent to Earth Dock to collect, outfit, name and modify your vessel. Admiral Quinn grants you the ship. The Shipyard is where the outfitting, etc. Any class can mount lesser cannon weapons.

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Create New Rifts have formed over whether it's a credible addition to the Star Trek universe, or simply a flash in the pan and not long for this world. Rifts have formed within the game as vocal Klingon players clamour for content, among other issues.

Star Trek Fleet Command Ships

Basically it's the same as any other MMO. Interesting, retroactively, STO is gaining legitimacy in this regard. The base is breaking further as a result. Advertisement: A lot of the conflict over if this game is credible for actually being a Star Trek game worthy of the title is due to the game's heavy combat stance.

Many players don't like it at all, get frustrated every time a new conflict starts up and hate the fact that their characters are openly and willingly spilling blood left and right in a sick and twisted version of Gunboat Diplomacy that involves actually using those Gunboats.

However, other players point out that all MMOs run on conflict of some sort - player-made or developer-made. They believe that, yes, Star Trek was about trying to follow the Opening Narration , but it was just backdrops for the conflicts of the day.

They also believe that if they just focused on things like diplomacy, the game would get stale very fast.


Some of them tend to run with the idea that Q postulated in the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation , that it's not about charting stars, but to expand one's horizons and boundaries.

While still combat heavy, the revisions to the game have also moderated it a bit.

There's a bit more conversation, scanning, and diplomacy around the setting now with Duty Officers doing other sorts of missions than blowing up things or shooting them. This has changed opinions of some fans, though not all of them since you'll still kill more individuals than the Doomsday Machine by the end of it.

It's basically a lottery, where you receive random loot whenever you open a box, ranging from awesome rewards Cardassian Galor or Ferengi Marauder Starships to near useless Junk.

Most people seem to consider it a blatant rip-off, while others scramble for the shops to purchase Master Keys by the crapload. Discussion over that matter can turn very heated in short time.

  • It was also sometimes very unclear to me.
  • There are many ways to acquire weapons, e.
  • We are looking for active members to fill all roles of STO gaming.
  • Players display their affiliations for TOS, TNG, or DS9, indulge their series knowledge and take part in various games on the side, namely via structured away team missions and battles in space.
  • After completing his 20 year tour of duty, he describes a retirement ceremony on Lunar Operations Command that was presided over by VIPs including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Video games have a come long way since the 90s.

This has somewhat cooled off after the Third Anniversary, as many of the assets made for the Lockboxes were used in the awesome anniversary mission "Temporal Ambassador".

When the concept that the lockbox stuff could be used as team assets that could also be sold, many people shut up about the lockboxes. The Foundry has its own massive debate regarding story-driven missions versus missions designed solely to raise funds.

A little backstory to this one: the Foundry mission creator has a behavior for Non Player Characters called 'timid creature'. An NPC set with this flag can be attacked and killed, but won't fight back.

Missions started appearing in and eventually dominated the list of top-rated and popular missions simply because they were seven space maps with 25 battleships each that sat there while you destroyed them. A small group of detail-oriented Foundry authors noticed both the overabundance of these missions as well as the number of them dominating the top-rated list and cried 'exploit' at players taking advantage of them.

Basic Gameplay

Cryptic patched the game so that Timid Creature NPCs start to fight back when attacked, pissing the 'sit and shoot' mission fans off beyond belief. The threads on the STO forums are slowly leveling out to mostly level-headed discussion with the occasional name-calling and snarky responses thrown in, but Jesus ran three laps around the church it got out of hand for a while.

This came back with the release of Season 9. Cryptic realized that many players can create new areas from whole cloth and told players that they can easily make new worlds of their own to replace the lost Clusters.

This infuriated the Cluster players as they felt that the Foundry was unsuited that sort of thing, that all Cryptic had to do was just fix the Genesis Engine that generated the random worlds and that if players were being asked to make these new worlds, then they should be getting paid for doing Cryptic's work their words.

While this has calmed down since then, there are a bunch of players on the forums who will constantly complain about this over and over Advertisement: Note: None of the above is anything that Cryptic hasn't already dealt with before.

Most of the team on this worked on City of Heroes before the split between Cryptic and Paragon Studios. And let me tell you the Broken Base on City of Heroes was much worse. Suddenly, you got another set of base splitting with one side raging because of the chance to be surrounded by the Terran Empire and the other saying they enjoy the challenge and that players should ignore them.

The Federation Avenger-class Battle Cruiser is considered horribly ugly or quite cool-looking with little to no middle ground. Surprisingly, the Mogh-class, its KDF Moveset Clone , got a near-uniformly positive reception though this is at least partly because the KDF has so few goodies to begin with.

The Reputation grinding, to the point where players began demanding that Cryptic revert the lower grind numbers on the test servers because they didn't want to grind for what they felt was things too high to obtain.

As mentioned below, the Exploration Cruiser Refit line the Galaxy-class. Either it's an effective tank that's meant to be tough to kill and be able to help heal your teammates or that it should be a monster that murders everything on sight and Cryptic should feel bad for not making it this way.

The latter group love to point out that power creep has so thoroughly outpaced the NPCs that tanks and healboats don't have a role anymore: Even the flimsiest tacscort can usually handle what the AI throws at them, so if you aren't contributing to DPS you're just slowing everyone down.

Star Trek Online

This has spilled over into the reworked Galaxy-X-class that was recently released. Opponents of the revisioned ship call it still useless as the Spinal Phaser Lance still misses its shots and that, even with the extra Tactical console, it's worthless DPS wise because it doesn't have a Lt.

Commander Bridge Officer slot. PVP is a major Base Breaker for this game. This has gotten worse with a recent patch that put PVP-related dilithium-granting missions on the same hour cooldown as other missions.

Romulan ships sto

Some see it as a needed thing, trying to cut down on rampant bot farming. The others, especially PVP players, see it as a nerf to force them to spend more money on the game than just using dilithium.

Proponents essentially point to Rule of Cool. Opponents point to the fact that the game is set in , which makes the Constitution-class over years old, and that just because the also-century-plus-old Excelsior-class is already at T5 doesn't mean it should be.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the T2 cruiser apparently doesn't get a T5 refit, unlike its escort and science vessel counterparts, because it has a Connie Refit skin. This one got to the point where the forum moderators actually put a moratorium on further threads about it.

As of the Kelvin lockbox, there is a T6 connie available, though only the one from the Kelvin Timeline. This has resolved the above debate not at all. And now the T6 TOS ships have been added in as lockbox prizes.

Though they require either spending real money and more than a little luck, or spending insane amounts of in-game money.

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