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Here's what we know now The big chart: Top channels compared updated September 1, The main difference between each service is their channel lineups.

Sling TV Full Channel List

All of them offer different slates of channels for various prices. Most don't have as many channels as traditional cable or satellite TV packages.

Live Sports TV Listings Guide

On the other hand, maybe they have enough for you -- especially if you're saving a bunch of money every month by not paying the cable company for channels you don't watch.

Below you'll find a chart that shows the top channels across all eight services. And if you're wondering, I chose which "top" channels made the cut.

That price is listed next to the service's name.

  • Every Sport, Game, and Channel. One Click.
  • Elevate TV is an app-based live television service so all you have to do is have fiber internet from Elevate, download the app, and go. Check out our free features included with every TV package below: Download the app on unlimited devices and connect up to 3 devices at the same time to stream content Record your favorites when you are on the go—every subscription comes with DVR hours.
  • With LG TV Plus app, you can launch applications, play videos and use the control pointer just like the magic remote. What is LG Channels?
  • Their schedule includes hundreds of live televised sporting events to suit a whole range of different tastes, spread across their brand new selection of dedicated channels. They also changed their subscription model to give you more control and enable you to only subscribe to the channels you want.

In some cities, some services only offer video-on-demand shows from the networks, not the live local channel itself. PBS isn't yet available on any service but it's definitely a top channel, so it gets a row.

The chart columns are arranged in order of price, so if you can't see everything you want, try scrolling right.

What’s on TV Tonight?

Philo vs. Sling TV vs. Hulu vs. PS Vue vs. YouTube TV vs. Fubo: Top channels compared Channel.

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