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Setting[ edit ] Space Rangers 2 is set in the year Sentient combat robots known as Dominators are attacking the five civilizations of the Coalition: the humans, the Maloqs, the Pelengs, the Faeyans, and the Gaalians. There are three Dominator types, each at war with each other: the Blazeroids, the Kelleroids, and the Terronoids. The player begins the game as a trainee member of the Space Rangers — a corps of pilots charged with defending the galaxy from the Dominators.

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Blazer is still too hard. I just barely took a Keller system with military assistance. Is this game recoverable? I traded for enough cash for the top of the line droid and shield, got my favourite shakhmandoo leader stim, hired 5 other rangers for peanuts though I had to kill off some of the top rangers which gave me the rusty nail medal!!

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More territory meant more trade and mission opportunities for lots of cash I keep trade, quests and ship maintenance difficulty settings on normal for ease of making money, everything else is hard or very hard.

When I could I spent the cash for buying battleships for systems from the business center - the more AI military ships the better since they help for system defense, they also go on takeover missions and its a heck of a lot easier taking a dominator system with top of the line military battleships and 5 of your own ranger wingmen.

I generally ignore building mililtary stations unless theyre cheap since they like to warp off into impossible to reach territory and get themselves killed. For instance, when I'm being offered missions I like to get a report on the destination planet and see what trade good might be good to bring with me.


What I'd like to do is just to click the destination planet text in the request window and get the planet report sent to my message bar. Instead I have to click a button on the mission request to store it on my message bar, then open the news window, then click the search button, then look at the request on the message bar and type the planet in by hand, and finally move the report to my message bar if I spelled it right the first time because I can't see what I'm typing and the message bar at the same time.

Space Rangers 2 Dominators Reloaded + Space Rangers 1!

Yeah its a pain, however I rarely do 2 things at once. If I'm doing missions that's all I'm doing; if I'm doing trading that's all I'm doing etc.

And with trade, most of the time it is best to only focus on specials in the news, especially as you approach mid-game when you have more cash and larger storage on hand, and a lot of the time on these specials you can trade within the same system and make huge cash.

When I'm shopping I'd like to be able to see how items compare to what I have equipped with a mouseover. Instead I have to go back and forth between screens to find how items compare and if it looks like a nice upgrade I do it multiple times to make sure I got it right.

Space Rangers HD: Bugs and technical problems

Generally I only do a shopping spree every couple of game years to update my older equipment, so the majority of my time is spent doing searches. You can then add them to your info bar by pressing the aqua coloured 'i' icon. Then in your equipment screen you can scroll over your inventory then your info bars to compare.

Not ideal; then again I've played over hours of this game over the years so a lot of it comes from my memory.

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