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On the Eastern Shore, you can revel in scenic beauty, discover hidden hamlets, tour vineyards by kayak, eat fresh from the tides seafood and even watch majestic island ponies run free. You have to hear it to believe it! Day One: Cape Charles Chincoteague and Assateague Islands are two barrier islands that provide tourists with access to natural wonders, delicious seafood and the best beaches on the East Coast. Chincoteague Island seven miles long offers miles of protected waterways to explore and the best access to the undeveloped beaches of Assateague Island.

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Starbucks' open bathroom policy may be hurting foot traffic. People are having sex with 3D avatars of their exes and celebrities.

Pulled Pork, Chicken, Brisket, Ribs

Rover's didn't go to his in-laws for Thanksgiving. Duji doesn't think her daughter uses cuss words. Australia rolls out AI cameras to spot drivers using their phones.

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People have started tanning their buttholes. Recap of the Bert Kreischer Netflix taping. Dumb has started driving for Lyft. Tesla unveils the Cybertruck.

Bert Kreischer stops by before his Netflix taping. Bert's wife, LeeAnn, comes in to talk about what it's like to live with Bert. Rover announces the details for Rover's Holiday Hangover. TJ Miller stops by the studio. Duji stole a megaphone from the sales boss.

Dumb wants his girlfriend to become a cam girl. Did Antonio Brown change after a huge hit in ? Is Jeffrey lying about where he bought his car? Hunter says she gets death threats for pics with dead animals, despite using meat to feed family. Prosecutor used year-old daughter to catch alleged molester.

Nadz's prisonmate calls in. Rover is looking for someone to create new phone screening software. Woman facing possible charges after she's seen encouraging daughter to attack bully in a fight.

The seven most common sexual fantasies. Jeremy Kappell, the meteorologist that was fired for saying coon, calls in to talk about his lawsuit against the mayor of Rochester. Two jail guards have been arrested over Jeffrey Epstein death. Colin Kaepernick holds his own workout. Mother-in-law posing as teen catches son-in-law trying to solicit photos from boys online.

Jeffrey changed his oil over the weekend. Jeffrey does the news. Myles Garrett facing suspension after ripping off, swinging helmet at Mason Rudolph's head.

Dumb is also a fugitive from the law. Deadly school shooting in Santa Clarita. Supreme Court allows Sandy Hook families to sue Remington.

Steelers Bars Quick List

Is Nadz out of jail? Cincinnati-area high school announces mandatory drug tests for all students beginning in Snitzer gets worked up about getting his prostate checked. Armored truck employee fired after being robbed. Listener isn't sure what to do with a bat in his house.

Mattitude is a terrible speller. Snitzer thinks it's bad to shear a sheep. Third base coach told a kid to slide and then he got sued. Jeffrey has a warrant out for his arrest. Dumb got into an argument with his neighbor. Teen who vaped receives double lung transplant.

Charlie bought a new car. Mattitude totaled the station van. Old couple put down mousetraps on their lawn to stop dogs from crapping in their yard. Amazon vendor behind 'Daddy's Little Slut' kids shirts under fire.

Teacher snaps and punches kid and stomps on his head. Tech Tuesday with Dan Costa. Kansas man claims he was fired from a restaurant because he has HIV.

Sex therapist says their are 11 sex personality types.


Sarah Hyland's latest Instagram post prompts MeToo backlash. Brain implants used to fight drug addiction in US. Tom Papa stops by the studio. Christian comedian John Crist hit with sexual misconduct allegations.

Jeffrey didn't have proof of insurance when he got in his accident. Why is Dumb so talkative? Rochester radio host in hot water after comparing boomer to N-word.

Jeffrey walked across town to get his wife some vitamin D. TI has his daughter's hymen checked once a year.

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