Soccer Is So Boring To Watch

Thursday, September 26, 2019 3:23:32 PM

I love sports. And I love to watch sports on TV. But frankly there are some sports that even though I like and respect, can be incredibly boring to watch on television.

I'm convinced now. Soccer is the world's most boring sport.

Economist cf40 Americans will usually admit that baseball is boring. Because it is. There's not much actual action and the scoring is random. But if you don't just kind of innately enjoy it you wont ever enjoy it. How do they fail so damn horribly all the time?

It'd be like if every other shot in basketball was a horrible airball. Economist a5d1 Top flight soccer is pretty damn entertaining reminder: MLS is not top flight.

Good for us.

If you can't appreciate the skill and technique you're not a sports fan period. Much like any other sport. Except baseball, baseball just plain sucks.

What is the most boring sport to watch?

And curling. Economist I think basketball is boring. It's so easy to score that a goal is more like when the other team misses.

Why is Soccer so boring?

Hate sports like this Economist ac97 It's the same with 'Twilight'. It's 2 hours long, nobody scores and a billion people say you just don't get it. Economist c Basketball is the most boring sport for me because nothing of significance can happen and so there is no tension.

A player can do the most amazing play in the world and its still only worth 2 or 3 points over the course of the game, and the next team will score another basket 30 seconds later.

Why is recorded, non

There are no highs or lows, its just flat. Football soccer is good because goals mean so much - there is a huge amount of tension when the ball is around the box, because a single goal will completely change the game. Economist c also there is no passion in American sports crowds, and franchising makes the game completely soulless although football has sadly been moving in this direction for the last 20 years, it still retains enough of its original spirit to be tolerable.

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