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In addition, the update also applies a number of basic gameplay tweaks to improve overall performance. Through this ultimate fight to the death in the arena, players can earn powerful rewards and upgrades that can be used to improve their army and continue the battle for Mordor. Additional fixes:- 2. Starting a Nemesis Mission will now reset the cooldown for summoning beasts and bodyguards. Fixed an issue where player gear and buffs were affecting Fight Pit participants.

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The player controls the game's protagonist Talion, who has several natural athletic and combat abilities as a ranger of Gondor , but also has unique abilities provided by the spirit of the elf lord Celebrimbor , with whom he shares his body. The player uses their combined abilities to complete various missions, typically aimed to disrupt the armies of Sauron.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War: Online Fight Pits (UK) from Middle

The game includes main quests that drive the game's narrative, and numerous optional quests that can help the player boost Talion's abilities and Followers via the game's "Nemesis System". In contrast to the previous game, which was more of a hack and slash , the game has an action role-playing approach, creating a more personalized experience for each player.

The Nemesis System expands upon its introduction in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor to apply to a larger part of the world, including other characters called Followers that have behavior guided by how the player-character has interacted with them.

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The player is able to transfer their top Nemesis and their most loyal follower from Shadow of Mordor into Shadow of War. The Garrison also contains training orders that are purchaseable with Mirian, it's in-game currency. This mode has two settings: friendly and ranked.

Friendly allows the player to invade someone's fortress, without the risk of losing your army. Ranked, on the other hand, allows the player to invade, but with a risk of losing some of their Orc Followers permanently.

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On April 16, , Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that the servers for the mobile version will be shut down on June 6, and removed it from the App Store and Google Play Store. However, once the Ring is complete, Celebrimbor is abducted and held hostage by Shelob , who asks Talion to hand over the Ring in exchange for Celebrimbor.

Talion reluctantly agrees and gives the Ring to Shelob, who claims they have a common enemy in Sauron. She uses the Ring to see into the future and directs Talion to the last Gondorian stronghold in Mordor , Minas Ithil , which is under siege by Sauron's forces due to the city's possession of a valuable Palantir.

The Palantir would allow whoever possesses it to see anything they wish, making it a valuable tool for Celebrimbor and a dangerous weapon for Sauron. Talion travels to Minas Ithil and quickly comes to odds with Celebrimbor. Talion wants to help his fellow Gondorians, while Celebrimbor believes the city is already lost and the retrieval of the Palantir must take priority.

Talion reasons that protecting Minas Ithil will also protect the Palantir and he meets up with the city's defenders: General Castamir, his daughter Idril , and his lieutenant Baranor.

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Together, they sabotage Orcish efforts to break into the city until Castamir betrays them, allowing the Orcs to breach the gates and handing over the Palantir to the Witch King of Angmar in return for sparing Idril. Castamir is killed by the Witch King and Talion is barely able to escape thanks to the help of Eltariel, an Elven assassin working on Galadriel' s behalf.

Talion is able to save Shelob, who returns the Ring to him and tells him that the fate of Middle-earth is in his hands. With the Ring back in his possession, Talion begins to use its power to dominate Orcs and build his army. Eventually, Talion builds up enough strength to assault Sauron's fortress directly.

Talion manages to defeat Isildur, but upon seeing his memories of how he was corrupted by the One Ring , decides to destroy Isildur and release his spirit rather than dominate him.

Celebrimbor remarks angrily that Isildur would have been a valuable asset to their cause, leading Talion to realize that Celebrimbor wishes to replace Sauron by dominating him rather than destroying him. Talion refuses to follow Celebrimbor's orders any more, causing the wraith to abandon him and possess Eltariel instead.

Without Celebrimbor or the ring, Talion begins to die, but is visited by Shelob in a vision. Shelob informs him that if Talion had gone on to fight Sauron, they would have succeeded and Celebrimbor would have enslaved Sauron and marched on the rest of Middle-earth. She implores Talion to continue to fight to contain the darkness within Mordor.

Deciding to put his fate in his own hands, Talion picks up the Ring of Power Isildur was wearing to preserve his own life. Talion then takes possession of the Palantir and observes Celebrimbor and Eltariel making their assault on Sauron.

The two manage to gain the upper hand and Celebrimbor attempts to dominate Sauron, only for Sauron to cut off two of Eltariel's fingers, one of which is adorned with the Ring of Power, and merge himself with Celebrimbor.

As a result, Sauron and Celebrimbor remain trapped in Sauron's tower in the form of a flaming eye as their spirits continue to battle for dominance. Knowing he will not be able to resist the ring forever, Talion decides to use Minas Morgul as a fortress to keep Sauron's forces contained in Mordor as long as he can.

Shadow of War's New Online Mode Makes It Clear: They Want You To Play This Game Forever

He is last seen in the afterlife discarding his weapons and armor as he walks off into the west. Eltariel reluctantly confronts Talion, who manages to convince her that by working together, they can keep Sauron's influence contained within Mordor.

However, he informs her that a new warchief is leading a massive army and has attacked many of his fortresses. Talion tasks Eltariel with defending one of his remaining forts while he goes to defend another fort in Seregost. Eltarial manages to recruit several new tribes of orcs to fight for her and she successfully defends her fort from enemy attack, though Seregost falls.

  • Play as Baranor, Captain of the fallen city of Minas Ithil and travel to the Eastern Deserts of Lithlad where you'll be able to hire human mercenaries. Not sure why you'd want to pick people over orcs in a game where that's entirely the gimmick.
  • Here are the most important things.
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  • This is part of the Act 2 main story.
  • Pit your Orcs against one another in the Dueling Pits! So long as you have at least 2 Orcs in your Orc Army, you can have them face off in an Duel.

Despite their defeat, Talion begins to succumb to the temptation of Isildur's Ring, forcing Eltariel to battle him. Though Eltariel is victorious, Talion tells her that he will inevitably be resurrected by Sauron.

Afterwards, Eltariel continues to battle the forces of Mordor until she witnesses the destruction of the One Ring. Upon seeing Celebrimbor's spirit freed from Sauron, Eltariel decides to go track him down. Desolation of Mordor[ edit ] After the fall of Minas Ithil, Baranor journeys through Mordor seeking to hire mercenaries to help him seize the fortress of Shindram.

On the way, he is attacked by wyrms and rescued by the dwarf Torvin, who helps develop gadgets for Baranor such as a grappling hook and a glider.

Baranor continues to the Vanishing Sons mercenary camp, where he discovers they are led by his estranged older brother Jagai, who now goes by the name of Serka. Serka reluctantly agrees to help Baranor take Shindram in return for all of the loot stored inside. However, another mercenary, Zhoja, betrays Serka and sends him to fight in an orc fighting pit.

Baranor rescues Serka, who reasserts control over the Vanishing Sons and executes Zhoja. After repelling an orc attack, Baranor and Serka lead their army and seize Shindram. However, rather than hold the fortress, they leave a trap for the orcs sent to retake it.

Baranor and Serka then leave to seize more fortresses, deciding that Gorgoroth will be their next target.

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