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Friday, January 10, 2020 3:15:01 PM

Advertising company FIVE33 did a two-hundred page "bible" about robot boxing. Levy said he was invited by Spielberg and Snider while finishing Date Nightand while the director initially considered Real Steel to have "a crazy premise," he accepted after reading the script and feeling it could be "a really humanistic sports drama.

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Microposts What annoyed me about Real Steel - and the one thing I really really liked.

Gold bots have much higher stats than the original versions.

I liked Real Steel overall as a feel-good movie, but was still left somewhat disappointed on my way home from the cinema. My problem, I realized, was expecting Real Steel to be a movie about robots. It is not.

  • Films with such identity crises are train wrecks. You'd think that the bigger they are, the harder they'd fall, making for fun disasters to watch, but such is not always the case.
  • I mean, the opening sequence of the flick has an eight-foot-tall robot punching a bull in the face.
  • Author: Matt Blum Matt Blum It's rated PG
  • Tweet "Real Steel" imagines a near future when human boxers have been replaced by robots. Well, why not?
  • What is your background? How did Digital Domain get involved on this show?
  • The Blob: What the Hell? Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman and a cast of boxing bots, opens today.

Real Steel is a people story centered around the relationship between a boy and his dad - the robots are really just a hazy backdrop. The following will contain spoilers.

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This opening fight was, in my opinion, cringe-worthy and beyond distasteful. Charlie accepts a challenge to have his robot fight a bull.

Vigorous punching and abuse of the bull commences. The bull wins in the end, but the entire scene just made me want to stop watching there and then.

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Thankfully it got better. There was no more animal fighting and that scene was soon forgotten. How long did it take them to figure out shadow mode? The morning after the kid dug Atom up from the junk yard they discovered his shadow mode capability and even commented that this is pretty rare.

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We can use this shadow mode stuff! During the scene where the kid was working through the whole night I was fully expecting him to have been working on something to take full advantage of this - not a fricking voice controller.

What makes Atom unique, really? He can take a hit or twenty.

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Atom can take a hit and just keep on going. I liked that they consistently played on this advantage throughout the movie.

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He can mimic your movements with flawless accuracy. Nope, not important. And I guess this is fine. However, Zeus still should have been shown trying, even if he failed. Besides, Charlie would still have patterns of his own - humans are predictable. As it stands, this fight just looked like any other fight in the movie - little robot against big robot.

There was no unique challenge to Zeus. I wish they made this more about Atom Like I said above, this movie is not about robots.

I just wish they did more with Atom! I did not get a robot story. Do you understand me?

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