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Search Now Sponsored Schools Professionals typically have the desire to advance within their careers. Many universities realize that it is a reality for adult learners, and have created programs for students just like you! Students can also access these online programs from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Students may wonder how to find a credible online degree that holds the same prestige as traditional on-campus degrees. In our ranking, we make it easy for you!

MBA in sports management

Best Distance learning MBA Programs in Sports Management /

Our extensive list of successful graduates helps students complete a hour mentorship to intensify their education through practical experience with sport franchises, athletic departments, organizations, agencies and facilities with a connection to Tiffin University.

Recreation directors, high school athletic directors, collegiate coaches and sport marketing representatives also enroll in the MBA Sports Management program which is growing significantly since graduating its first class in Tiffin University is able to boast about attracting some of the most connected professionals in the industry to teach in the program.

The Mentorship Program One of the great advantages of the MBA in Sports Management is that you will be required to participate in a supervised mentorship program with a professional who has appropriate experience and is able to demonstrate a record of outstanding contribution to the profession.

Online Master of Business Administration with Sports Administration Concentration But what is the difference here? Firstly, the MBA will be less focused on theory and ideas but will instead concentrate on the actual implementation of these theories and ideas.
MBA Sports Management Our online MBA program will allow you the flexibility you need to successfully manage home and work-life balance while pursuing your degree. Prepare for a successful career with professional sports franchises, facilities, sporting goods retailers and athletic departments by learning the fundamentals and skills you need to succeed in a fast-paced and rewarding environment.
Earn Your MBA in Sports Management Online at GCU The program is designed to provide professional preparation for the accounting industry. The credit-hour MBA includes courses in topics such as accounting, economics, law, finance, international business management, marketing, human resource management and data analysis.

The online convenience and flexibility of the mentorship experience has significantly impacted the geographic boundaries for students interested in furthering their academic career in sports. Students are required to complete an application for verification and approval.

Master Of Business Administration

During the mentorship, students develop a web portfolio and maintain a blog to journal the experiences from their contact hours.

Sports Management concentration courses are offered exclusively online. The MBA program can be completed in as little as 14 months.

  • Sign up for free unlimited access Access to This MBA primarily consists of nine modules on company management, followed by an optional cross-disciplinary module on Professional Internships in the Sports Industry.
  • Common aspects to consider when choosing a program can include the following: Search for Schools in Your Area When searching for the best online MBA in sports management programs, many students decide to look for promising options in their region of the country. By attending a school with name recognition for local sports management organizations and active local alumni associations, degree seekers can begin networking while still in school and be part of the community even after graduation.
  • Whether you want to coach the college football team or be the point-person at sports arenas, sports management can take many professional forms.
  • But there is a thriving level of sports management careers in the realms of youth, amateur, club, scholastic, and collegiate sports. Not to mention a lot of crossover into the booming health and fitness sectors.
  • Field Project This subject enables students to demonstrate their ability to think strategically and apply the concepts and tools learned in the course to a sports organisation of their choice.

No work experience is required and part-time options are also available. Average degree completion for a full-time student 32 - 36 credits Average degree completion for a part-time student 32 - 36 credits.

Sports Business MBA Online

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