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Saturday, January 25, 2020 11:48:26 PM

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That isn't a misspelling. It's a movie, starring Kirti Azad , the former India allrounder of World Cup fame, and former Member of Parliament, playing himself in a fictionalised narrative of Bihar's victimisation in Indian cricket. I'm watching it in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, the neighbouring state that is the principal villain in this narrative.

Azad's face, glaring out of posters for the movie, had been all over the roads leading to the JSCA Stadium in the days before the Test match.

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Curiosity had brought me, and maybe 15 others, to Plaza Cinema on the day of Kirket's release. The story is held together by a loose skeleton of fact.

Briefly: Bihar was split into two in , with Jharkhand, its southern half, gaining full statehood. As Bihar, India's third-largest state by population, languished without representation in India's domestic competitions, Jharkhand, the 14th largest state according to the census, prospered.

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The starkest measure of the chasm that opened up between the two states was financial. It was only in that Bihar became a full member again, and only in that it returned to top-flight domestic cricket.

Kirket addresses all this only indirectly, via the vehicle of resentment, some of it no doubt justified, blown up to a shrill pitch of melodrama. He isn't actually in the movie, but his ghost is all over it.

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Dhoni, the face of Ranchi, the face of Jharkhand. Dhoni, who has played all of four first-class matches for Jharkhand, and, before that, 23 for Bihar. Bihar, the bad guys keep reminding us, is full of yokels and thugs. At various points during the movie, even the good guys seem only too keen to embrace that stereotype.

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Beyond that, there's caste and communal politics, selection intrigues, a TV sting operation, an amateurishly filmed T20 tournament, guest appearances from various former cricketers Atul Wassan, Manoj Prabhakar, Maninder Singh, Vivek Razdan and even a twist on the Misbah-Joginder moment from the World T20 final.

The acting is terrible, the dialogues are all tell and no show, and if you want production values, you'll get them in the ads during the interval.

Ah, yes, Dhoni. Where Dhoni had to move from Ranchi to, say, Patna.

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Where Bihar received times the funding Jharkhand did, which helped pay for a state-of-the-art stadium in Patna, which is about to host an India-South Africa Test match. If all that had happened, we would not have Kirket. What we might have in its place is too terrifying to contemplate.

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