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Both lose stars to the top leagues of Europe, but the majority of the players on their senior national team play in their respective domestic leagues. This is radically different from the situation in the rest of Africa [1]. Upon further inspection it is clear that both South Africa and Egypt benefit from unique advantages that the rest of the continent does not have, but nevertheless this shows that African domestic football can be economically and commercially successful given the right circumstances.

The World Cup generated interest not only within South Africa, but also globally as companies rushed to be associated with anything even remotely similar to the World Cup.

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In , the PSL signed a deal with sports television broadcaster Supersport for 1. This in turn creates an attractive product on the field, which yields further sponsorship and TV money. This is due to the interest of the Arabic nations in Egyptian sports.

The Egyptian Premier League has for many years marketed their games to both Egyptian and Arabic television networks.

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Consequently, spectators were banned from stadiums, making television the only option for fans to watch games [7].

While Egypt and South Africa are clearly special cases their successes show that domestic leagues can be successful in Africa.

South Africa has shown the benefit of hosting large soccer related events. It is unlikely that the World Cup will return to Africa in the near future, but events such as the Club World Cup or the African Cup of Nations if promoted correctly can have a similar effect on soccer in the host country.

Similarly no other nation in Africa will be able to market their product in the Middle East, but they should still look outside their own borders for TV revenue.

The more successful leagues of Nigeria and Ghana should attempt to sell their product to their neighbors without a domestic league.

Nottingham-born Darikwa, who spent much of his club career at Chesterfield and Burnley before joining Forest in , has a Zimbabwean father, Timothy, and a long-held ambition to wear the national team jersey.

African soccer is still far behind Europe economically but Egypt and South Africa have shown that it is possible to bridge the gap and create a stable, successful domestic soccer league.

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