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AT&T and AUDIENCE Network® Premiere “My Fighting Season”


Very large text size "There's a war going on. There's real fighting going on. Every fing day. Never-before-seen combat footage shows what it is like to be in the trenches in My Fighting Season. Michael J.

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MacLeod In , Myers and his comrades were part of a hastily assembled new unit comprised mostly of new recruits with no combat experience, and they were given no time to cohere in non-combat assignments. Instead, they were thrown into action against committed foreign Taliban fighters.

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What follows in the first instalment of this six-part series is perhaps as close as most Australian civilians will get to real experience of battle. Advertisement The body-camera footage makes the flat desert landscape leap and dance as soldiers sprint for cover under sudden machine-gun fire.

My fighting season hunting ghosts

When they reach the relative safety of old bomb craters or earthen village walls, their microphones capture the gasps of exertion that come from running for one's life under the weight of a kilogram pack. Then an unseen but resounding explosion — followed by radio silence from the soldiers on the other side of the village — brings minutes of gut-churning uncertainty.

Have they all been killed by an IED?


Years later, safely seated in a stateside TV studio, individual soldiers add more detail with their own recollections about such things as the long, sharp wooden thorns they impaled themselves on when diving for cover, the difficulty of getting cumbersome unmanned aerial vehicles aloft under machine-gun fire, and the frustration of trying to get to grips with an enemy that wears no uniform and makes clever use of hit-and-run tactics.

The series treats the soldiers and their experiences with respect and without sensationalism — not that it needs the body-camera action to be any more sensational.

  • Comments Foxtel held a launch function for its latest Foxtel Original Fighting Season this week hosted by director of publicity and talent Jamie Campbell in the absence of director of television Brian Walsh. Campbell interviewed both producer Kylie Du Fresne and writer Blake Ayshford and introduced key cast members to media from around Auastralia.
  • The men are saluting, the women stand in silent tribute and the children hold Australian and Boxing Kangaroo flags. Most of the drama is set in Australia after soldiers have returned home from Afghanistan in
  • Taliban announces spring offensive amid Afghan peace talks Operation 'victory' will be conducted with the aim of 'eradicating occupation' from Afghanistan, the group says.
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It also gives the viewer a chance to wind down watching the soldiers blowing off steam afterwards. Not all viewers, though will end up as philosophical as Sergeant Braden Matejek, who was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded in this battle.

Recalling how he gave a little Afghan girl a Pop-Tart only to watch her feed it to her younger brother, he characterises Afghanistan as "one of the best worst places to be".

  • An Afghan policeman adjusts his weapon as he stands at the scene of a suicide attack in Kabul on Feb.
  • The Fighting Season With multiple storylines following several American units under Lieutenant General Joe Anderson' s command in the 18th Airborne Corps in Afghanistan, this documentary series provides a closer look at what it takes to end a war with diminishing resources and support.
  • Soldiers return from war with a devastating secret in Fighting Season Meet the cast of the new show Oct 23, am By Tamara Cullen Among the dry, barren lands of Afghanistan in , a war is raging. Five Australian soldiers have embarked on a dangerous and unsanctioned mission to find their missing comrades.
  • And then, the bullets start flying. And as an actor, you deal with the pretend a lot, and make-believe, and I had been an actor a very long time.
  • Ghazni Province, Afghanistan Season Pass includes all six episodes of The Fighting Season.
  • All of the footage of combat in the series is from cameras worn by soldiers of the United States Army, according to a warning before every episode.

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