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Surrey Police An Army veteran has told how he tried to save the life of a young man battered to death in front of his parents in a service station cafe. Retired soldier Rafael Francis, 53, was filling up at Cobham Services, between junctions 9 and 10 of the M25, on Monday when he saw a brawl kick off.

The Pick and Shovel

Shovel Knight tells him puns to cheer him up, but Toader disapproves them.

Speedy Shovelry: How the Speedrunning Community Embraced Shovel Knight

Toader also appears in the Mysterious Area after the exclusive fight with the Battletoads. He frowns at Croaker's Battletoads puns. Occasionally, he ends up in the middle of the pose the Battletoads and Shovel Knight are striking.

US Empire Decline Watch

He leaves, annoyed, while Croaker poses too. Toader reappears in the ending with Croaker and the rest of the Village , who are cheering on the defeat of the Enchantress while he still looks grumpy.

Girl gets hit with shovel

After the battle, he escapes with them on board the Aerial Anvil. Croaker reappears in the ending, watching the fall of the Tower of Fate and celebrating with the townsfolks at the Village. Dialogue Edit When talked to at the outpost: "Toader: I'm so grumpy!

I'm just not in a good mood I wish someone could cheer me up I'll give it a shot.

  • The title "Shovel Knight" is now an artifact of a title, since there are now several storylines which aren't about Shovel Knight.
  • As with previous "fight videos" that have gone viral on the Internet , the footage spawned a number of remix videos after it began circulating on Vine in early May
  • At least that's what the Internet is saying.
  • Lately the smoke from the burning bushes, Has the eye and the mouth tasting ashes, For the price we've the haze of Olympus, Ambling by the Children's Farm, Imitating the river's calm, Liberated, the heart, from alarm On this dog's day.
  • Internet Hit 'Shovel Girl' Brings Judge to Tears The program entails comprehensive drug treatment, intensive supervision and full accountability for their Fugate said she was on drugs that day she got in the girl fight. Emily Olinger and Miranda Fugate, both 14 years old, were fighting over a boy BOTH girls in infamous 'shovel fight' video are arrested for disorderly..

The operator is out to launch! They don't know howl.

'Shovel girl' viral video triggers Ohio sheriff's probe

He had deep sea-ted anchor issues. Two eggs, hover-easy.

Because they both have problems! He didn't have any body to go with! Because he needed a new crown!

Girl takes shovel to the head in a fight

They are full of ticks! Because there's no shortage of knights!

Kid reviews for Shovel Knight

I tried some, but my soup was gold! I said "put me to good juice! It was heart-wrenching! Snow problem!

  • Due to concerns over page count, a chapter on speedrunning was left on the cutting-room floor. Shacknews presents that chapter in full below.
  • Nitro: However, we need to make some rules before we start, Shovel Knight will have access to his main gear meaning nothing that was given to him. Tjman: And Steve will have access to all of his weapons as well.
  • Josh Officer is the young man who filmed and posted the video that went viral of a girl who was struck in the back of the head with a shovel during a fight with another girl.
  • The clip quickly went viral - Lynn even got epic remixes to Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar: Plus many, many more. The infamous Cinco de Mayo girl fight video later went viral on Youtube, but was quickly deleted.
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I'm not one to brag, but it's the spitting image! Just beclaws.

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