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Opening cutscene[ edit ] The game's opening begins with Mario and Bowser in a blimp. The camera rolls down to reveal the soccer field in a stormy war-like zone. Spectators get electrocuted by the electrical fences, and whole area is covered in dust and thunderstorms.

Mario Strikers Charged

Recommend Tweet Share 17th May - As the football season reaches its climax, Nintendo UK are celebrating today with the announcement they have made the signings of the season with Ian Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips lined up to promote the hugely anticipated Wii football title 'Mario Strikers Charged Football.

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To celebrate the launch, Ian Wright will also be appearing at GAME, Oxford Street from 9am on launch day 25th May playing against challengers in store and signing Wii hardware and software for fans.

Nintendo has taken one of the world's most popular sports and made it even better by throwing in some of Nintendo's most popular characters, 5-a-side teams and well and truly throwing out the rulebook! What's more now it is available on Wii!

The innovative Wii Remote, will allow players to immerse themselves deep into the action translating real movement into on-screen action. Mario Strikers: Charged Football is different from the average football game and is even more exciting and engaging than ever before, with a strong emphasis on each team's captain.

These star players each have unique abilities and enhanced skills, which allow them to really influence the outcome of a game. The team captains all feature a Super Ability which can be used to devastate their opponents, ranging from Mario growing to giant proportions and trampling other players, to Peach taking a photo and freezing the entire opposing team on the spot.

Mario Strikers Charged Wii online play, other details

Tactical use of these super abilities can break down even the most stubborn defence. To top this off, in Mario Strikers: Charged Football players can choose 3 side-kicks from a total of 8 who each have their own unique features which allows for tactical team customisation.

The Wii Remote brings a dynamic new element to Mario Strikers: Charged Football, encouraging the player to make instinctive physical movements to achieve the desired effect within the game.

Basic movement and strikes are executed using the analogue stick and buttons on the Wii Remote and nunchuk, but when the pressure is on, players can use their instinctive movements to affect the gameplay.

  • I gave it 4 stars mainly because of the online playability.
  • Up to four players can participate in this game as play soccer, attempting to kick the ball into another opponent's goal; the soccer in this game, however, has several differences than the real soccer, such as the ability to tackle other players with minimal penalty, using Mario-themed items to give players an advantage over their opponents, and playing with stage hazards effectively. This game places a higher emphasis on individual character attributes compared to its precedent, by not only assigning stats, but by also giving team captains a unique Super Ability and the Mega Strike , an opportunity to score up to six goals.
  • For more information, please visit our Support section. In this follow-up to Mario Smash Football , you use the skill provided by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller to win the ball, score unstoppable goals and take control of the goalkeeper to perform spectacular saves.
  • Share Sponsored Links It's been a long time coming, but the Wii's first online-enabled sports game, Mario Strikers: Charged , is getting on towards completion. French gaming mega-site JeuxFrance sat down with the developers at Next Level Games to get some details on how online gameplay will work on the Wii.
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Flicking the Wii remote will cause the character to check their opponent, hopefully stealing the ball in the process. Players can also use the Wii remote to perform cat-like saves, defending their goal from Megastrikes by grabbing the balls out of the air.

In Mario Strikers: Charged Football the sense of fair play is thrown out the window along with the rulebook.

Mario Strikers Charged for Wii ()

Fouled players get special treats with which to avenge themselves, ranging from Red Spiky Shells, which knock everything out of their path, to the Chain Chomp that chases players from the opposing team around the pitch.

One of the many modes this game features is the multiplayer mode which can see up to four players in any one game players must split between two teams.

  • How to Play Mario Strikers Charged: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
  • Mario Strikers Charged Football. Wii U: jagdfarm-wronin.com

Multiplayer modes include Ranked mode where players can compete to climb up leaderboards and Unranked mode where they can quickly select and play friends.

The game's main mode, Road to the Striker Cup, pits players against increasingly difficult opposition as they compete to win three different cups.

For quicker pick-up and play action the game's Domination Mode allows players to set-up a game to suit them, defining the rules as well as selecting stadium and cheats. With an in-depth main mode and a plethora of extra features you won't take your eye off the ball in Mario Strikers: Charged Football.

There is a wide and varied choice of 17 stadiums in which to defend your crown. Many of them have varying features and characteristics to put you off your game and challenge you to even greater heights.

Click onto www. About Wii Nintendo's new system, Wii, will feature a controller designed to be used with either one hand or two -- a first in the video game industry.

Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo Wii, ) for sale online

When picked up and pointed at the screen, the controller gives a lightning-quick element of interaction, sensing motion, depth, positioning and targeting dictated by movement of the controller itself.

It's simple to use - you simply turn it on and select Wi-Fi. There are no complicated menu screens or confusing instructions to follow. It's safe for everyone - you currently do not have direct communication with other players when playing anonymously and therefore personal details or inappropriate comments can't be exchanged.

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For further information on Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service visit www. Since , Nintendo has sold nearly 2. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, based in Grossostheim, Germany, was established in and serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in Europe.

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