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Sunday, February 9, 2020 1:24:15 AM

Ppv Fight Tonight Worldwide. We would recommend this store for you personally. The two last fought inwhen dos Santos secured a unanimous points decision. For folks who are looking for Tonight Ppv Fight Card review. We'll turn to the fight in a bit, but first a note on pay-per-view, and how something that is responsible for historic box office figures is simultaneously strangling the life out of boxing.

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Replay Video

Everyone now agrees that Ali fought too long, but not everyone can agree on how much too long. Thomas Hauser, a boxing historian, sometimes wonders whether Ali should have retired even earlier—during the three years, from to , when Ali was effectively banned from boxing because of his refusal to join the military.

It has been four years since Pacquiao was thoroughly outboxed by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. This Saturday night in Las Vegas, on pay-per-view, Pacquiao is fighting another top welterweight, Keith Thurman, who is undefeated, and ranked about as highly as Pacquiao.


The odds are close: Pacquiao opened as a slight underdog, but he is now viewed as a slight favorite, perhaps because he has so many fans willing to bet on him. On paper, this is the most intriguing Pacquiao matchup in over a decade. But it may also be a terrible mistake.

Pacquiao was an excellent and furious fighter for many years before the night, in , when he beat up Oscar de la Hoya, sending him into retirement and establishing himself as a crossover star.

He won a number of predictable victories over boxers who were not quite young enough, or not quite good enough. With the exception of the Mayweather defeat, Pacquiao has been the favorite in every one of his seventeen fights since In two other fights, judges named Pacquiao the loser: once, absurdly, in , against Timothy Bradley, and another time, less absurdly though probably still not accurately , in , against Jeff Horn.

Over all, Pacquiao has provided relatively little drama in the ring in the past decade, especially considering his reputation, once well deserved, for excitement. A recent poll , conducted by the boxing magazine The Ring, found an even split: eleven respondents picked Pacquiao, and eleven picked Thurman.

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao: Round by round

For half a dozen years, Thurman has been presented to the boxing public as the next great welterweight, but the plausibility of this presentation has varied.

He liked to call himself Keith One Time Thurman, in tribute to his own punching power—he was, he liked to think, the kind of boxer who hit his opponent one time and put him on the mat.

His two most impressive victories, against Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter, were exceedingly close decisions, and so was his most recent fight, against Josesito Lopez, whom Thurman probably should have been able to knock out.

Even so, Thurman remains undefeated. In Pacquiao, he is facing what every boxer wants: a big-name opponent who seems to be vulnerable. If Thurman is in an aggressive mood on Saturday night, he may well find that Pacquiao is there to be hit.

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrian Broner Live Stream Online

He says he will be betting on himself to win by knockout. Like all athletes, boxers tend to be reluctant to stop doing something that they are, or were, so good at, even though the price they pay for not stopping can be extraordinarily high.

And not all boxers feel they can afford to quit. Pacquiao is known for his generosity—he once estimated that he had spent half of his earnings on providing homes, medical care, and scholarships for poor people in his home country, the Philippines. Pacquiao has reportedly struggled, too, with tax liabilities.

Unlike many aging fighters, Pacquiao has already begun a prominent second act: he is a senator in the Philippines, and an ally of President Rodrigo Duterte, who has also said he would like Pacquiao to retire.

Boxers often get annoyed when fans beg them to stop.

Manny Pacquiao

And they are under no obligation to listen to us, especially when some of the same people expressing those worries are also willing to watch, and pay something like seventy-five dollars, in this case , if they choose not to retire.

What might he gain on Saturday night, besides a big fee? And what might it cost him? But a decisive Pacquiao loss might be hard to watch, even for those backing Thurman.

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao spar on social media over possibility of rematch With Floyd Mayweather Jr. From the outset, it was Pacquiao plucking away with the jab and deploying a stiff jab to the body that began to open up Broner's guard.
Boxing Fight Tonight I like jumping out of my seat because a fight was existing and the fans got their money's worth. If track or gymnastics are your thing, Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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Maybe it will provide more reason to think that Pacqiuao is a diminished boxer, one who should have retired years ago. Maybe both. Kelefa Sanneh has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since

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