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The scores werefor the year-old Warrington, and for Galahad. Boxing News 24 saw Warrington winning by a

Now, on the evening of the their third event, CFS has its most packed card to date with some returning faces to the CFS cage as well as some first time names to the card from across the region to make for an epic night of fights.

With 14 bouts scheduled, CFS 3 launches the semi finals round of the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight and middleweight tournament brackets with the winners advancing to compete in December for their respective weight classes Cowboy Fight Series championship title, and shot at a professional contract.

Marshall Shermer was expected to compete in the lb tournament against Conner Buell. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Buell was forced out of the contest in the beginning of fight week with a fractured foot.

Thus, advancing Shermer to the finals of the featherweight tournament bracket to face the winner of James Lyons vs Dallas Blake Manspile In the main event of the evening, Zion Tomlinson takes on David Gladfelter in a middleweight tournament contest that is expected to explode in the center of the cage from the opening bell.

Fighting in the welterweight tournament and taking the co-main event slot, undefeated, Tyler Bunting takes on Mark Ari Lewis as the well rounded Lewis looks to advance to the finals as well as hand Bunting his very first loss. The event will be broadcast live via FloCombat.

Tomlinson throws a headkick and fires a straight right upstairs. The fighters clinch against the cage and Gladfelter fires a knee low, landing square to the groin and causing a brief time out.

The action resumes and Tomlinson wastes no time coming back throwing a teep kick to the face and following with a right headkick. Tomlinson kept the rhythm flowing and blasted a kick to the Gladfelters ribs causing Gladfelter to tie up and take Tomlinson to the canvas.

Gladfelter lands some strikes from the top but Tomlinson reverses and scores his own ground and pound.

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Gladfelter gets the reversal and Tomlinson locks up a triangle choke and blasts hammerfists to the face to end the opening round.

Round 2: Gladfelter lands several successful kicks to the legs and body. Tomlinson eats them and charges forward blasting his own offense of ill intentioned strikes between punches to kicks and Gladfelter gets the bout to the mat.

Gladfelter easily advances to full mount where Tomlinson scrambles for position but gives his back and neck up and Gladfelter wastes no time sinking in the rear naked choke to end the bout and evening.

Lewis regains his footing and returns the favor with a thudding leg kick of his own. The fighters engage in a feeling out process exchanging kicks. Bunting connected with a right hook that landed behind the ear that temporarily looks to wobble Lewis.

Lewis fires back with a jumping side kick that lands with a bang. Bunting closes the distance and the fighters jock for position on the inside.

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Bunting scores the inside trip and lands in full guard of Lewis and he starts to work. Softening up Lewis with blows to the head to midsection, back to the head. Lewis explodes hunting submission attempts and gets ahold of Buntings foot briefly to close the round. Round 2: The second round begins with A bang with both fighters head hunting early and happily exchanging leather.

Bunting lands a leg kick to set up a Superman punch that lands flush and backs up Lewis. Bunting looks to capitalize and marches forward, but Lewis circles out and gets the fight to the ground where he hunts submissions again.

Bunting stays top heavy and advances to half guard, then side control briefly. Lewis regains full guard and while Bunting begins looking for the ground and pound.

Lewis bucks his hips and legs to scramble for submissions to put a close to the round. Round 3: The last round begins and both fighters start fresh, keeping it standing and swapping punch combinations. An occasional kick will be thrown to mix up the action, but both fighters are looking to put the other out.

Bunting lands a straight right that backs Lewis against the fence and Bunting closes the distance to dirty-box against the cage.

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Firing knees to the thighs, Bunting is scoring points in the later portion of the round and with several seconds left, Bunting scores the takedown for extra measure. Krapf is working his way inside, popping his strikes and kicks out to gauge distance.

  • Daniel Spitz Watch the complete card For Barber , it was her seventh finish, and it was a methodical destruction. She went straight forward from the start, and even when the year-old Robertson tied her up against the cage, Barber kept working to inflict damage, landing several elbows to the head.
  • Late on Saturday night, he won a hard fought unanimous decision over Sergiy Derevyanchenko by scores of , and to capture the vacant IBF belt. Right now, I understand I need more.
  • Scores were across the board for Boser, now Spitz falls to
  • Hats off to him for that.

The two find a comfort zone and trade combinations on their feet for a greater potion of the round. The distance closes and Shermer jumps guard, dragging Krapf to the ground. Shermer scrambles for several submission attempts while Krapf looks to gain points with ground and pound from the top.

The two stand for a final exchange to end the first round. Round 2: Shermer begins the round throwing more consistently, but Krapfs punches are landing more significantly and harder. Shermer closes the distance and Krapf picks Shermer up above his shoulders for a heavy slam, landing in full guard.

With a slight break in action, Krapf finally postures up to throw a heavy right hand, slightly connecting. The referee isnt impressed with the action and stands the fighters up. Both fighters close the distance firing up the middle with simultaneous knees.

Unfortunately Krapf lands a knee to the groin, causing a small break to let Shermer recover. Once Shermer is able to resume, the rounds bell sounds. Round 3: Shermer starts the round first again pawing his jabs out and following in with the kicks to the legs.

Krapf is fighting with a bit more urgency this round.

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Krapf is stalking his opponent and piecing together his combinations beautifully. Shermer looks crisp, landing a grazing head kick that cuts Krapf wide open. Krapf changes levels and gets the fight to the floor again, landing on top.

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In the heat of the moment seemingly Krapf lands an illegal headbutt. The referee has no choice but to take a point and the action continues on their feet.

Krapf is clearly disgruntled and so is Shermer, as Shermer blitzes forward with lead knees, backing Krapf against the cage. Krapf returned fire, but Shermer looked to put an end to the contest before the closing seconds.

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The clock counted down and both fighters were still standing and firing away for what could be fight of the night.

Cook lands a thudding hook and Hazuka changes levels for the takedown. Hazuka lands in side control, traps an arm underneath Cook and starts teeing off to the head.

Some blows landed clean, however, some slipped and landed to the side and back of the head, so the referee calls a stop to the contest to give Hazuka a strict verbal warning. The action resumes and no sooner than it resumes, Hazuka locks up a standing guillotine, lifting Cook clear off of the ground and begins to walk him to the fence until Cook is forced to tap.

Winner via Standing Guillotine at of round 1: Rex Hazuka lbs Craig Willingham vs John Leancu Round 1: Willingham comes blitzing forward landing punch combinations at will, bouncing his opponents head back. The referee calls a halt for Willingham to get his mouthpiece and the action resumes.

Leancu is clearly hurt and circling the cage but he continues to throw to remain active. Willingham is stalking his prey at this juncture of the opening round, landing when he wants and opening a deep cut to the left side of Leancu eye to end the round.

Round 2: Willingham takes center cage control and starts this round differently with leg kicks to a push kick, backing Leancu against the fence.

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