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Thursday, January 16, 2020 5:44:53 AM

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Let’s Fight, Ghost, Episodes A Mix of Horror and Comedy

Music 8. Some are cute and some are funny. And this drama is nothing short of being cute, funny and scary.

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Watching with a friend is highly recommended plus a thick blanket to cover up : STORY - While this contains the usual Kdrama cliches don't we love cliches? It has a certain pull to make you smile all through out.

Each episode contains a subplot to keep you from getting bored while the main plot was just there, peeking from time to time but not revealing anything.

It has some serious moments towards the end but unlike other dramas it didn't feel like a drag.

He looks to his right and sees a man run across the alley on the next street closely followed by a pair of young policemen giving chase.

I just love how the main plot was subtly shown in each episode and did not ruin the overall feel of the drama. If you're a scaredy-cat, be sure to watch it with a friend because some ghosts were really scary.

Acting as a character that is a lot younger than your real age is quite a challenge but he nailed it! II am now a fan! Kim So Hyun on the other hand did a good job being so adorable. She's so cute I wanted to put her inside my pocket and bring her home :. These 2 actors, regardless of their age gap, created a beautiful romantic spark.

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From the beginning until the end, they were able to keep that wonderful chemistry that sent butterflies to its viewers. They had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Who would have thought that a handsome face like that was a villain? I certainly didn't! Usually, there's at least one song that sticks in my head but this one doesn't have.

Let's Fight Ghost

However, I would definitely watch it again in times that I'm down and would like to feel good. I have a serious withdrawal syndrome that I think would last for weeks.

I just feel sad not that it has ended : Was this review helpful to you?

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