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It seems like another step towards intimacy. Gillian Anderson: Do you mean will it? Chris Carter: Yes. The idea was that the movie is a culmination of a lot of what happened in the first five seasons and then the big things that happen in the movie, will lead into season 6 and beyond. When I think about it.

He is appointed a partner in these investigations— Dana Scully Gillian Anderson —with his superiors hoping that she will be able to debunk and discredit his work.

Their first case together is the investigation of possible abductions in Oregon , which falters when their evidence is destroyed in a fire. Barry takes Scully to a hilltop where she is then abducted, presumably by aliens.

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Samantha is being pursued by a shapeshifting bounty hunter , who is assassinating human clones. Samantha is killed, although it is revealed that she was simply one of a number of clones, produced using alien tissue to create an alien-human hybrid.

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The hacker, Kenneth Soona Bernie Coulson , is able to give Mulder the downloaded information on a digital cassette. Soona is subsequently assassinated, and the downloaded files are found to be written in Navajo. Contacting Albert Hosteen Floyd Red Crow Westerman —a Navajo man capable of translating the files—Mulder is shown a box-car full of what appear to be alien corpses.

Davis , and left for dead after it is destroyed. Meanwhile, Scully investigates the possible involvement of the smallpox eradication program in human genetic experimentation, discovering that a Nazi scientist who defected during Operation Paperclip has been conducting human experimentation to create alien-human hybrids.

Dana's sister Melissa Melinda McGraw is shot by assassins who mistake her for Dana, and dies in the hospital. Mulder is almost killed by a Syndicate operative guarding the hybrid, but is saved by his informant X Steven Williams. X had been tipped off about Mulder's activities by Scully.

Scully, meanwhile, meets a group of women with abduction experiences similar to her own , and meets another member of the Syndicate known as the First Elder Don S. The First Elder claims that during Scully's abduction she was placed on a similar train car and experimented upon by the Japanese scientists.

The black oil, controlling the crewman's body, passes into the crewman's wife and uses her to travel to Hong Kong in pursuit of a middleman selling government secrets. Mulder is after the same man.

The infected Krycek makes his way to a missile silo used to hide a UFO, and the black oil escapes his body to board the craft.

Gillian Anderson on ‘X

Meanwhile, Scully has tracked down Luis Cardinal , the man responsible for killing her sister. X's role as an informant is discovered, and he is shot dead, although he is able to pass along the name of another informant who can be of use to Mulder— Marita Covarrubias Laurie Holden , the Special Representative to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

While there, Mulder is held in a gulag and used—successfully—as a test subject for a black-oil vaccine. He escapes and is able to return to America, having found out that Krycek is working with the Russians.

Mulder is convinced that her condition is a result of her earlier abduction, and is prepared to make a deal with the Syndicate to find a cure. He is dissuaded by Walter Skinner Mitch Pileggi , who secretly makes such a deal himself. He uses the distraction to infiltrate The Pentagon in search of a cure for Scully's cancer.

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The Syndicate, meanwhile, speed up their tests of the black oil vaccine, sacrificing their own to do so. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message The X-Files have been shut down again, and Mulder and Scully are sent on a mission to deal with a terrorist bomb threat. However, after a government building is destroyed, Mulder is approached by a mysterious doctor, Alvin Kurtzweil Martin Landau , who reveals that a new strain of the black oil has been discovered in North Texas.

The new strain allows an extraterrestrial to gestate inside the host within 96 hours. Kurtzweil argues that the conspiracy deliberately placed the bomb within the government to hide the evidence. After Scully is stung by a black-oil-infected bee and abducted, the Well-Manicured Man gives Mulder her location and a weak vaccine, developed by the Syndicate.

The Well-Manicured Man is killed by a car bomb, but his information leads Mulder to Antarctica , where he discovers a massive alien spaceship buried.

Inside the ship, he finds Scully and administers the vaccine, which heals her.

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After a scientist working for the Syndicate accidentally comes into contact with the black oil and gestates an alien, Mulder and Scully attempt to track the creature down in Phoenix, Arizona before the Syndicate can capture it.

The culprit is Krycek, who continues to control the potentially debilitating nanotechnology in Skinner's system in order to achieve his goals. After they locate her, she informs them that the aliens are here to destroy all life on Earth and that she is a successful alien-human hybrid.

Meanwhile, the Syndicate meets at a check point, expecting to be taken away by the Colonists, who are preparing for invasion. They are met, instead, by the alien rebels, who incinerate them all, including Cassandra. The Smoking Man and Fowley manage to escape.

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Jeffrey Spender is then purportedly killed by The Smoking Man. Mulder examines rubbings of the object and falls into a dangerous coma. Hoping to find a cure for her partner, Scully rushes to Africa and discovers a massive wrecked spacecraft partially buried in the ocean. She contacts Kritschgau and Skinner, trying to find her partner.

"The X Files", production draft, by Chris Carter

In fact, The Smoking Man has taken Mulder away to transplant the telepathic part of Mulder's brain into his own cranium. The surgery is a failure.

Mulder also learns that his sister was taken by a "walk-in," a benevolent spirit who saves the souls of children doomed to die in suffering. Mulder is eventually reunited with the spirit of his sister, allowing him to finally let her go.

Billy Miles , a multiple abductee who disappeared on the same night as Mulder, is returned as a corpse, but his dead body is resurrected and restored to full health. Fully rejuvenated and healed of his earlier brain tumor, Mulder investigates several X-Files , against orders, and he is soon fired, leaving Doggett in charge of the cases.

Mulder continues to provide input in an unofficial capacity. Krycek claims that the soldiers are virtually unstoppable aliens who want to make sure that humans will not survive the colonization of Earth. They have learned that Scully's baby is a miraculously special child and are afraid that it may be more powerful than they are.

Shortly after, Skinner kills Krycek, and Scully delivers an apparently normal baby while the alien "Super Soldiers" surround her.

Mythology of The X

Without explanation, the aliens leave the area when Mulder arrives. Doggett, Scully, and Reyes discover a conspiracy to place Chloramine in the nation's water, causing mutations and creating "Super Soldiers.

She accepts his offer, but she and Mulder are nearly killed: The man is a Super Soldier. The cult kidnaps William, [89] [90] but is destroyed when the baby's crying activates the ship and kills everyone while leaving William unharmed.

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At first he believes the man is Mulder, but it is actually Jeffrey Spender, Mulder's half-brother. Spender sticks a needle into William. The other agents believe the injection to be a virus of some kind, but it is actually a cure for William's powers.

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