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Friday, October 25, 2019 8:05:03 PM

He has since expanded his brand to making surprisingly pretty successful music, being an internet personality… and white-collar boxing. KSI has over 18 million YouTube subscribers. Logan Paul began to garner internet attention making Vines before switching to YouTube.

KSI vs Logan Paul 2: Match date, price, how to watch, and everything we learned from

He initially challenged Logan Paul 's younger brother Jake to fight. Deji did not want to be fighting on the undercard of the fight, therefore it was agreed that the fight would be advertised with Deji and Jake's names being listed in the manner of a co-main event.

The two parties signed contracts agreeing to have two fights, one to be held on 25 August at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom , and another to be held in February in the United States.

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Originally, Logan and Jake Paul wanted any fight to be held in a neutral venue, preferably Dubai , United Arab Emirates , but Logan had decided to go with the two-fight plan.

Izadi threatened Deji with a lawsuit against him, claiming that Deji incited the fans to attack the Pauls and challenged Izadi to a bare-knuckle fight. Deji denied these claims and said, "the attack resulted from other factors, including the fact that Greg Paul actually assaulted a fan first.

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Izadi would admit to being responsible, which prompted Deji to have officials for the event ban Izadi from attending.

Broadcasting The fight was streamed on pay-per-view on YouTube , via a YouTube channel dedicated to the fight.

KSI vs Logan Paul 2: YouTube stars fight live on Sky Sports Box Office

Plus the press conferences, weigh-in and making other content for the new channel, all adds up. Although official details for it haven't been revealed, there have been estimates of their potential earnings.

The belt is of red colour with gold motifs.

Yes, both the Youtube Boxers are looking in sublime form whereas each of them are from different backgrounds. Talking about the tickets for the fight, they are being sold at a relentless pace.

Its design features an eagle with its wings fully spread atop a golden globe with a crown at its centre. Both athletes agreed to box in 12oz gloves , which is a size often used for amateur boxing fights between the middleweight and heavyweight divisions.

KSI vs Logan Paul Live stream

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