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Use Underfell megalovania and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Time your attacks for extra damage, then dodge enemy attacks in a style reminiscent of top-down shooters.

Black roundhead fighting style

In this particular sketch, "Is the pen mightier than the sword?

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The camera changes to a guy signing for a package with a pen. He opens the package and removes a taser, which takes the ninja out instantly.

Anime and Manga In Black Lagoon , Hansel comes after Balalaika alone in a wide-open plaza, armed only with a pair of axes. Balalaika is likely carrying a concealed pistol, but deals with the crazy kid to lethal effect by means of the sniper team she's set up some distance away.

He turns the tables by first launching the blade off its hilt, then by fitting the hilt back onto the empty scabbard and using the whole thing as a rifle.

Tell Me How You Fight

If it wasn't for Master Asia kicking his ass in the 12th Gundam Fight, things would have turned nasty. Occurs in Baccano! The men in black have machine guns. The guy wearing white is Dual Wielding pistols.

Never Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight

Nick has a knife. Uh, sorry for the confusion. She actually gets close enough to be almost within striking distance, but then a stray bit of light from a nearby gunfight reflects off the blade and alerts Mireille to her presence, giving her the chance to shoot the woman dead first. During the final episode the showdown between Chloe and Mireille, with the former having the latter dead to rights, ends when Kirika shoots the knife away before it can make lethal contact.

Bonus points for it being a much smaller knife than the first time she pulled this stunt in a previous episode. In Bayonetta: Bloody Fate the titular witch attempts to fight off her rival's, Jeanne's, fours guns on her hands and feet with her demonic katana, and gets her ass handed to her.

Naruto wields rebellion fanfiction

It's not until Rodin shows up with her own freshly-repaired and upgraded set of four guns that Bayonetta is able to turn the tables. He starts the fight by showing off some fancy maneuvers with a giant boomerang-like weapon.

Roger has the Big O shoot him with its Arm Cannon , instantly winning the fight. In One Piece during the Skypiea arc, Zoro found himself fighting a Shandian warrior named Braham who specializes in using flash guns in battle.

Zoro had a tough time fighting Braham due to the latter keeping his distance while Zoro was strictly a close-combat fighter due to being a swordsman.

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However, Zoro managed to use flying slashes for the first time allowing him to strike down Braham from a distance and defeat him. Comic Books Blackhawk does this in a tub , in homage to the The Untouchables line.

Almost a running gag in "Marvel What-The Wolveream: It's no fair, he's got a gun! In the second round, The Pulverizer has only a knife too Wolveream: Just my luck, he has a Blooey Knife!

The Punisher : Despite using the line frequently, Frank does always have a knife on him.

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It's usually spring-loaded, taking care of the range problem. They shoot her dead in a hail of gunfire while she is gloating about how she is going to kill them all. Tim is annoyed in Detective Comics when he realizes the criminals are better armed than he was hoping, though of course being a Bat means he never uses a gun in combat himself.

No fair bringing a gun to a discussion group. Higher Learning : Invoked in the prologue to chapter Lesson [Bring a bat to a fist fight.

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  • Never Bring a Knife to A Fist Fight

Bring a knife to a bat fight. Bring a gun to a knife fight. Run the hell away from a gun fight. She pulls out her katana. I feel a little stupid. This is a theme repeated in a number of variations throughout the works of Eyrie Productions Unlimited.

Take a knife to a stickfight. Take a gun to a knifefight. Stay out of a gunfight. Again, in Symphony of the Sword: Percy "Techie" Mui: to his son To paraphrase Admiral Overstreet, bring a knife to a fistfight, a gun to a knife fight, grenades to a gunfight — oh, hell, if you know where it's going to be beforehand, mine the area.

If all else fails, there's your friend, the air strike. Take a 'Mech to a gunfight. Bring a lance to a 'Mech fight. And finally, "Julzz' Commentary": And if all else fails, bring your friendly neighbourhood God. Inverted, yes inverted in White Devil of the Moon.

Hayate's forte is leveling city districts. Not so handy in one-on-one in close quarters combat. That was why Beryl quickly subdued her and stole the Jewel Seeds to revive Metallia. When listing this trope on the fic's page, someone compared it to 'bringing a cannon to a knife fight'.

This is actually canon, as Hayate points out that Caro, a C-rank mage who's the weakest of the forwards in close combat, could potentially defeat her in single combat. In The Prayer Warriors , Annabeth and her opponent in the coliseum fight with clubs until the opponent kills her with a knife.

Suddenly, the main character's wife, Mary, shows up and shoots the opponent dead with a gun before proceeding to do the same with John Lennon. In Housemates , during Brother's Keeper, a guard tells this to Loki—right before being stabbed in the neck.

Guard: You know what they say about bringing a knife to a gunfight— Loki: Yanking the knife out of his neck No, I don't. You'll have to tell me sometime.

In Project Delta when, during the battle for Mindoir, Jane encounters a foe with implants close to her level, she puts her sword away and blasts him into goo with her guns. Film Once Upon a Time in China has this with kung-fu and rifles. His last words are to Wong, who rushes to his aid: "Kung fu cannot beat bullets.

A young James Caan plays a character named Mississippi who, in search of vengeance for his old mentor, has killed two men by throwing a knife before they can draw their guns and succeeds in killing the last man involved by doing the same before cutting out his heart.

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