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Not only is the former cheftestant about to kick off a new season of his Esquire Network show Knife Fight later this month, but he also just opened up Ramen Hood, a vegan ramen joint located in L. It's exciting to always stumble on something as an accident that turns out to be delicious. That's also why it's risky because poeple have a really high standard of their ramen, so I hope that we can make people happy," he said. There's no place that I know that's doing a full ramen bar that's completely vegan and it's going to be super hardy and super delicious and very, very rich and bold. So I think we're approaching it from a meat lover's perspective for people who like meat ramen.

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Season 4 14 full episodes Episode 14 - Final: Whole Ostrich 4 years ago Finalists Angelo Sosa and Quino Baca face off for the ultimate title of "culinary master of the universe".

Raccoon - it's what's for dinner. Tonight, the pressure will have both chefs squirming like a fish out of water. Episode 10 - Quarterfinals: Lamb Brains 4 years ago East coast versus West coast- which is the best coast?

On the Disturbing Disaster Pornography That Is 'Knife Fight'

Judges Edi Frauneder and Dale Talde determine who uses their lamb brains best. Chefs Dale Talde and Sue Zemanick judge this first round test of skill. With jellyfish on the menu, things are bound to get salty!

Judges Dale Talde and Sue Zemanick talk turkey and decide who moves on in the tournament.

Knife Fight (TV Series)

When the cutlery comes out, which chef will be left standing? To make it to the quarterfinals, they'll face some lively mudfish along with judges Dale Talde of the Talde restaurant empire and Sue Zemanick of Gautreau's in New Orleans.

Will the pickled herring lead them astray?

To advance in the tournament, the chefs must impress our judges: James Beard winner Sue Zemanick and Dale Talde, head of the Talde restaurant empire.

Season 3 15 full episodes Episode 15 - Final: Alligator 4 years ago It's the epic grand finale battle and only two culinary conquistadors remain: the classically trained, Michelin-starred Austrian, Edi Frauneder, and the self- taught Peruvian powerhouse, Miguel Aguilar.

They've created mind-blowing dishes to get to this point, but only one will go home with the prized 'Lamb Splitter' knife. Episode 14 - Semifinals: Whole Swordfish 4 years ago Joey Campanaro is back to duke it out in the semifinals.

Tonight he challenges the boss from Austria, Edi Frauneder. To advance to the final they will have to score a T.

Elijah Wood Shows His Foodie Side on Esquire Network's 'Knife Fight' (Video)

Both chefs face a challenging ingredient, but who will buckle under the pressure? Episode 11 - Quarterfinals: Cuttlefish 4 years ago Franklin Becker and Edi Frauneder compete for a chance in the semifinals using cuttlefish, chocolate and chicken livers.

Episode 10 - Quarterfinals: Peacock 4 years ago Tonight, Leah Cohen's mastery of Southeast Asian cuisine will face off against Miguel Aguilar's bold Peruvian flavors and world-class knife skills. Both chefs' hopes to move to the semifinals rest with our judges: Naomi Pomeroy and Kris Morningstar.

His challenger tonight is the tiny powerhouse, Einat Admony.

Ilan Hall on New Ramen Restaurant and Knife Fight

Only one chef will move onto the semifinals and that's up to Naomi Pomeroy and Kris Morningstar. The pressure is on in the kitchen and at the judges' table. The chefs do their best to impress judges Naomi Pomeroy and Kris Morningstar and make it to the next round.

Episode 5 - Round 1: Blue Fish 4 years ago It's the seafood prowess of young newcomer Sean Telo versus the beet know-how of seasoned culinary veteran Franklin Becker. To make it to the next round, they'll need to make believers out of our judges, Kris Morningstar and Naomi Pomeroy.

Season 2 24 full episodes Season 1 17 full episodes.

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