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Or maybe you are just stuck on a particularly difficult boss? Before you throw away your JoyCons in frustration, check out these 10 tips and tricks. They might just help you save Dream Land, or possibly the whole galaxy. First, never double up on a power.

Kirby Star Allies Review

He defies time to challenge you! He is said to be the greatest warrior in the galaxy. In his debut, he is summoned by Galactic Nova upon Meta Knight 's request to battle the strongest warrior in the galaxy. After an intense duel, Meta Knight proves victorious in the end, although this would not be the last seen of Galacta Knight.

Contents [ show ] Physical Appearance Galacta Knight is greatly similar to Meta Knight in both appearance and fighting style. He has a hot-pink body, which is slightly darker than Kirby 's skin color, and has feathered, angelic, lavender wings Changed to a dull periwinkle in Super Kirby Clash. His mask and shield returned to being whitish-platinum in Super Kirby Clash, keeping the silver sabatons and pauldrons.

He wears sabatons which, unlike Meta Knight's, do not fully cover his feet, as can be more clearly seen in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and onward.

They were a boss in Dream Land 3 and their boss battle there was lifted for Star Allies.

He also wears pauldrons with gray lining and white gloves. His mask is whitish-platinum with two curved golden horns rising up from the top of the mask. The mask also has a vertical and horizontal opening, both ending in a point. Galacta Knight initially used to have a yellow strap around his head, apparently as a means to wear his mask, much like Meta Knight had in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but this was removed in Kirby Star Allies.

Galacta Knight wields a powerful pink lance with a purple handguard and golden pommel and carries a white buckler shield emblazoned with a gold, four-pointed star. Notably, the star on his shield was originally shown to be pink in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but has since been consistently depicted as golden from Kirby's Return to Dream Land onward.

One is his Light form, and the other is his Dark form.

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In his Light form, he looks mostly the same as his normal form, although his mask, sabatons, pauldrons, part of his shield, and the hilt of his lance have changed to pure white, along with having gold lining and markings on them.

The horns on his mask are also longer. In his Dark form, his skin is now black. His mask is now purple, and he gains aquamarine eyes. The markings and lining on his armor, mask, shield, and lance are now gray.

The star on his shield is now gray, and the shield itself is purple and gray. His pauldrons and sabatons are also purple. The horns on his mask are also now gray.

Lastly, his wings are now black. General Information Galacta Knight is a very powerful and legendary warrior, given the title of the "greatest warrior in the galaxy. According to Galactic Nova , Galacta Knight was sealed away by an unknown being s in fear of his power.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Additionally, according to the Japanese version of his pause screen description in Kirby: Planet Robobot , Galacta Knight was sealed away many times throughout the ages, but was never successfully destroyed. Personality While he is feared for his immense power, Galacta Knight has never been stated to be explicitly evil, despite having great power and potentially being violent.

His intentions are generally mysterious throughout all of his appearances. However, Galacta Knight was sealed away for fear of his strength when Nova summoned him, whereas he wasn't when Star Dream summoned him through a portal linking space-time.

Star Allies Go!

Galacta Knight

His purpose in Super Kirby Clash was to be seemingly used as a weapon by Parallel Nightmare , but he quickly destroys his summoner and proceeds to attack Team Kirby with everything he has, ultimately fighting the group a total of four times Party Quests included , until he is sealed inside of the crystal he is often seen trapped within, and absorbed into another portal.

In Meta Knightmare Ultra, Meta Knight gathers the planets' stars to summon Nova and wishes to become stronger by fighting the greatest warrior in the galaxy.

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Nova reveals that Galacta Knight was sealed away for fear because his powers were too great, so the comet, in turn, summons Galacta Knight from his crystallized prison to battle.

Galacta Knight can jump off screen and dash by at high speed, much like Meta Knight. Meta Knight can do this by using Meta Quick and fly around and damage him either by slashing or by wings Meta Knight's bat-like wings can damage while hovering.

His lance can also shoot out the Revolution Beam, a deadly beam whip that directs in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction that causes damage, even while guarding. In addition, he summons Ground Columns, which are tall, skinny flames from the ground.

However, the player can see where the fire is about to erupt by looking at the ground. He also uses Ground Twister, in which he sends out a giant tornado.

He also uses Mach Tornado, a move normally used by Meta Knight, although it lasts longer and it appears he has more control over it, as he can more accurately follow the opponent while spinning around, thus making it much harder to avoid.

His shield also sends off a Crescent Shot that is similar to the Cutter power, only that it shoots forward and doesn't spin back.

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If Kirby manages to swallow this, it will give him the Sword ability. Other attacks consist of him flying and attacking the enemy with his lance. The most powerful lance move is a variation of the Multithrust Attack used by Meta Knight, which is a multi-jabbing attack where Galacta Knight remains motionless for a brief moment and then stabs the area directly in front of him a multitude of times with his lance, causing severe damage even when guarding.

Unlike Sword Kirby 's Multithrust Attack, this attack does not cause any knockback, effectively trapping the player until the attack ends.

After using an attack, he stands still for a few seconds, allowing the player to cause him some damage. As Galacta Knight's health decreases, he begins to gradually attack faster, to the point where he will attack nonstop, making the battle much more difficult.

In Meta Knightmare Ultra, a short cutscene plays, where Galacta Knight is shown flying unstably in space, then rapidly appearing in multiple parts of the screen, as if he was exploding.

He then appears in the middle of the screen where he is engulfed in a bright, white flash.

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  • The transition to new hardware has been kind to the pink fluffball.
  • I grew up on Super Nintendo. The postcard-perfect scene was nearly Rockwellian, as far as gaming memories go: There I was, 10 or so, sitting cross-legged on the floor next to my little brother or a school buddy, in front of the inch, rabbit-eared TV my parents allowed in my room.

Galacta Knight's wings are torn off his body, while his sword and shield is shown leaving him as well. The disarmed knight then vanishes in the flash, while Meta Knight returns to Planet Popstar.

He is fought in a crystalline arena in what appears to be located within the realm of Halcandra. In this appearance, Galacta Knight is the strongest warrior in the galaxy from Another Dimension.

He serves as the secret boss of the game. Galacta Knight utilizes moves yet again from Meta Knight's own repertoire of moves, all of which have their own little twist to them. Galacta Knight now possesses his own variation of the Knight Beam; he will conjure and release three Knight Beams at ground level, four at a higher elevation, and then five at the top of the screen.

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He may perform a more lethal version of this move by flying into the background and summoning twelve Knight Beams to rain upon the battlefield they may shower from either the right side or the left. Galacta Knight's Triple Slash is the same as Meta Knight's, but his Multithrust has a slight tweak; the knight will perform this if he is blocking with his shield, and the last thrust will fire off a Crescent Shot.

His Piercing Slash is relatively the same as Meta Knight's.

Though his Knight Spin has no horizontal momentum, it will fire an energy wave at the player s when it contacts the ground instead. He also gains a Spin Slash as his charge up move, releasing an orange aura as he spins in a twister-like motion.

Kirby Star Allies

Galacta Knight's Shuttle Loop is also tweaked, as he can bounce off the ground, leaving a star behind, before coming back around for a second dive. Galacta Knight can perform his Ground Twister by striking his lance into the ground. When Galacta Knight loses half of his health, many of his infamous techniques return, and he powers up previously used attacks.

His Revolution Beam makes its return, functioning similarly to its earlier incarnation. Galacta Knight's Ground Columns also return, but are much faster and no longer possess their fiery properties; he can perform this move consecutively in different positions with the appearance of lightning bolts.

Lastly, Galacta Knight's Mach Tornado makes its grand reappearance, still as dangerous and accurate as before.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe While Galacta Knight makes no physical appearance in-game, he does have minor cameos. He is seen in the audience during the "Kirby Master! Galacta Knight also appears in this game as a rare keychain.

Kirby: Planet Robobot Galacta Knight Returns Galacta Knight makes a reappearance as the surprise final boss of Meta Knightmare Returns , where he is summoned by Star Dream as a challenge to Meta Knight's skill, despite the danger Star Dream's previous admin, President Haltmann , had refused to allow Star Dream to summon it as Star Dream mentioned that Galacta Knight's power could easily destroy a planet or two, something not mentioned in previous appearances.

This proves to be Star Dream's undoing, as Galacta Knight slashes at Star Dream immediately after he is summoned, severely damaging the computer, while causing it to plummet to the ground.

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