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Saturday, November 2, 2019 11:24:24 AM

Much of the crowd of a little more 7, cheered on Crawford, who looked every bit the superstar he has been billed. In the fifth round, Crawford knocked down Postol twice. Crawford landed almost twice as many power shots to If Crawford is able to land a bout with Pacquiao in November it would be the biggest fight of his career. Prior to Postol, most of Crawford's opponents have flown under the radar.

Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol

Terence Crawford vs.

Terence Crawford vs Viktor Postol Full Fight Replay Vdeo

Crawford, the No. The bout is the main event of an HBO pay-per-view show 9 p.

Full Fight: Crawford

Here are five things you need to know about the unification bout: 1. Both fighters missed the birth of their children during training camp for this fight. Crawford returned home the following day to see his wife Deborah and newborn son.

Early career[ edit ] Crawford made his professional debut on March 14, , knocking out Brian Cummings in round 1. He compiled a record of with 15 wins by way of knockout against largely unheralded opposition.

Postol's wife, Olga, gave birth to twin sons on Tuesday in Ukraine, allowing Postol to breath a sigh of relief not only that everyone was healthy, but also because it removed a potential distraction before the fight.

Postol motivated by birth of newborn twins 2. They have one common opponent: Hank Lundy. Crawford stopped him in the fifth round on Feb.

Crawford v Postol: Experts Poll

Postol went the distance with him in , long before Freddie Roach became his trainer. Postol won that unanimous decision in Kiev, near his hometown.

The winner of Saturday's fight has the inside track on being the opponent of the unretiring Manny Pacquiao on Nov. Pacquiao retired after beating Timothy Bradley on April 9 in their third fight.

Postol has sparred often with Pacquiao and Crawford has sparred with Bradley and is a friend of the former champion. Freddie Roach has said he would obviously train Pacquiao for that fight, while also hinting that Postol might not take that fight if offered because of the awkwardness of going up against Roach and his friend Pacquiao.

Vargas is fearless and willing to fight anyone anywhere to prove his mettle in the ring. Crawford, 28, said he doesn't want to stay in the sport too long, just long enough to make enough money to support his family, and plans to get out while his brain is still intact. He has been fighting since he was 7, and has mentioned the age of 32 as possibly being the limit for him.

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His gym in Omaha has attracted lots of young kids and future fighters, and Crawford says he loves working with them. He also loves doing charity work and plans on going to Africa again this year to do missionary work. Postol said if he wins this fight, he might move his family to the U.

  • I am on record as saying I did not foresee Viktor Postol giving Terence Crawford much in the way of difficulty, but I restrained myself from stating that Crawford vs Postol did not merit pay-per-view status.
  • Barring a draw, somebody will lose for the first time Saturday. Postol is tall and long for a super lightweight.
  • ET and crown the No.
  • Every fighter is potentially one beating away from never fighting again.

This fight is an HBO pay-per-view event not necessarily because Terence Crawford is such a big attraction - yet. Bob Arum, Crawford's promoter, explains it this way: "HBO is fortunate to have a lot of talented guys they have relationships with.

There's Vasyl Lomachenko, Sergey Kovalev, Gennady Golovkin, along with Andre Ward and Canelo Alvarez and they told me at the beginning of the year they would only be able to allocate two spots to Crawford. Which is fine because a lot of these guys fight only twice a year.

It's something that was done out of necessity.

I would've preferred the fights to be on HBO, but I understand their position to allocate two fights to Crawford. This enables Crawford, in a pretty high visibility fight at against another champion, to test the waters on PPV.

We did the same with De La Hoya and Mayweather. You don't start at a million homes. You start at a lot less and build up.

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