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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 9:35:43 PM

The card has been flying under the radar, but it features a number of promising young Latin American fighters, including main-eventer Brandon Moreno, and it should be a fun watch. Moreno is so far in the UFC with two finishes, and at 23, he keeps improving every fight. Fighting in Mexico, I expect him to put on another great performance. Although Pettis is 23 and improving as well, I just see Moreno at a different level now. Bravo is undefeated in his career and looked awesome in his UFC debut.

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Original TUF Latin America winner Perez was unbeaten in his last three fights and was looking to pick up another win at home, while Soukhamthath was looking to bounce back from his debut loss in March to Albert Morales. Round One begins and Perez opens with an inside low kick.

Crowd are absolutely buzzing for this one. Right hands connect for both men before Perez glances on a head kick. Nice exchange sees both men land some punches. Beautiful low kick lands for Perez. Soukhamthath is really swinging here and a left hand drops Perez, but he recovers quickly and pops back up.

Trio of leg kicks come back for Perez.

UFC Fight Night

Takedown attempt from Perez is avoided well by Soukhamthath. Overhand right glances for Perez. Couple more leg kicks land for him but Soukhamthath walks him down and connects on a left. Another left drops Perez, but again he pops back up. Stiff jab follows for Soukhamthath. Crowd really boo some taunting from Soukhamthath.

Another two low kicks end the round for Perez.

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Round Two and Perez pushes forward and flashes a jab a little, but Soukhamthath manages to land on a couple of counters too. Big exchange sees Perez land a hard right hook.

Another one follows that, too. Flying knee misses for Soukhamthath in response. Combo connects for Soukhamthath and he shrugs off a takedown attempt pretty easily. Low kick is countered by a Soukhamthath jab, and down goes Perez again, but he pops up and seems okay.

Another hard left gets through for Soukhamthath as Perez comes forward. Perez keeps on throwing the low kicks and eating shots on the counter.

Soukhamthath looks really confident now as he keeps on landing. Perez is badly marked up all over his face. He does land on some nice low kicks, though. Overhand right from Perez suddenly lands and drops Soukhamthath, and he pounces into the guard as Soukhamthath looks to tie him up.

Crowd are just crazy into Perez. Action slows down there as Perez chops at the body with some punches, but he walks him into the fence and that allows Soukhamthath to get to his feet. From there he tries a takedown of his own, but Perez catches him cleanly with a back elbow!

Left hand answers for Soukhamthath and they continue to trade kicks until the buzzer. Round Three and Perez pops Soukhamthath with a clean jab as the American pushes forward.

Takedown attempt from Perez and he almost gets a single leg, but Soukhamthath manages to defend it really well. Nice left hand lands for Soukhamthath. Single leg is blocked again by Soukhamthath.

Soukhamthath is really swinging at times, as is Perez really. Spinning backfist glances for Perez. Nice low kick follows.

Perez is being slightly more active in this round which might make the difference. Big right hand gets through for Soukhamthath, though. Right hand sets up a clinch for Perez and he forces Soukhamthath into the fence and gets him down!

Crowd really pop for that as he lands a knee to the chest as Soukhamthath tries to sit up. Perez sits into half-guard and holds on, but Soukhamthath works to his feet. Good leg kick lands for Perez. Takedown attempt is shrugged off by Soukhamthath and he keeps on walking the Mexican down.

UFC Fight Night Pettis vs. Moreno

Brief trade sees both men glancing on blows. Flying kick glances for Soukhamthath, but he slips and ends the round on his back with Perez kicking the legs. Call it for Perez by a hair. Official scores are Soukhamthath, Perez, and for Alejandro Perez to edge the split decision.

Alvey meanwhile had previously lost to Thales Leites, but I figured he would probably win this one by knockout given the deterioration of Rashad. Fight begins and Rashad circles on the outside, looking pretty tentative, as Alvey squares him up without really throwing much either.

Takedown attempt from Evans and he drives Alvey into the fence, but Sam blocks it and they end up clinched. Decent knee to the body lands inside for Alvey. Rashad keeps on going for the takedown, but Alvey continues to defend impressively and remains on his feet. Good left elbow lands connects for Alvey.

Knee follows as Rashad seems content to just keep him pinned into the fence.

Jordan Rinaldi

He manages to drag Alvey to the ground, but Alvey works back to one knee immediately. Knee connects for Alvey again from the clinch and he turns Rashad around and separates. Overhand right glances for Rashad to break the staring contest.

Left hand glances for Alvey in reply. Round ends with another clinch. That was a horrible round.

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